Friday, June 17, 2011

Any running chics out there?

Yay, it's Friday, that means only 5 more days until I find out if I got on the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay team or not.  Right now though I have a 10k to get ready for tomorrow, and I am starting to get some jitters about it.  Mostly since it is such an unknown distance to me, I am not too sure how to approach it.  I think I will treat it kind of like a 5 mile with a touch less gusto.  Not sure why this picture won't rotate for me, but here is the tech shirt and bib for tomorrow.  Bib has the chip on the back for this one.  We also got some Gatorade prime in the bag.  Nothing else fun was in there, a few coupons and a map of the race. The shirts were unisex, which really means they are mens, which makes me not like them quite as much.  I am a woman, I want a shirt made for me.  Sigh, it will still be a nice shirt for long runs.
 I had to float to another department today, ugh.  I went in with a bad attitude, but ended up having a great time.  Sometimes it isn't so bad to get out of my comfort zone and do something different for a change.  I just have such a "I am an operating room nurse, not an office nurse" mentality.  OR nurses are very specialized, like a lot of nurses are, and we think we are very special too!

On a completely different not my right claf muscle keeps getting a funny crampy feeling in it.  Just a brief twinge, but it has me a little worried it might be wanting to do something crazy during the race tomorrow.   :( Behave little muscle, behave.

 This poor little guy will have to skip the race tomorrow, good thing we got some good runs in this week!
 I got these in the mail yesterday, you will be learning more about them soon and have a chance to get some in the mail yourself soon! They are from Twist bands, giveaway coming next week. Check out all the pretty colors!
 I got this in the mail also and one of you lucky readers could be wearing one soon in the color of your choice.  It is very lightweight and comfy.  I am in love with it already. Here is how it looks from the back. 
 It was sent to me by for a review and a giveaway, which I will post early next week. This is what is on the front of my shirt, it doesn't show up very well in the picture.  There are a bunch of super cute chics to pick from to personalize your own shirt.  The shirts are by ALO. 
Happy Friday everyone! 

Who is racing this weekend and any last advice for a 10k?


  1. The blue shirt is really cute! Looks very comfortable! The race shirt is pretty nice too.

    Good luck in the 10k. I've never done one so I have no advice for you. I can't wait to hear how you do, because I have no idea how to pace myself for that race distance.

    I love your red dog! :) they are the best!

    I've got the rock n roll Chicago 5k Sunday. I'm not racing it due to the calf issue. Im just going to take it easy and jog/walk it to let it heal. :(

  2. Good Luck tomorrow! You're going to do great!!

  3. I always hated being floated too!!!

    I have that same shirt, LOVE it!!!

  4. Good luck on your 10K, I bet it will go great!

  5. Good luck on your 10K! I did my first about a month ago and I was nervous about it for the same reason...I wasn't quite sure how to pace myself. I did okay (much better than I thought I would) but I still went out faster than I should have and it probably slowed me down in the I can't really talk as far as advice!!

    I hate when race shirts are unisex tech tees...I'd honestly rather have a cotton shirt that might shrink a little bit and I can wear all the time!

    I love the blue shirt too!! looks comfy.

    Good luck with the 10k!

  6. That blue shirt looks awesome.

    Have fun with your 10k.

  7. I'm on SAHM sabbatical now, but always hated being floated also:)

    Good luck and enjoy your race!

  8. I think you should pick a realistic finish time and set your target splits accordingly... start a teeny bit slow so you can negative split :) I think you are going to surprise yourself with how awesome you do!

    The 22nd can't come soon enough.

  9. Good luck for your 10k! Have fun!

  10. Good luck with your 10K. I hope your muscle behaves. :-( for your pup getting left home, he looks like he can lay a good guilt trip on you.

  11. Good luck with your 10K! What a cute picture of your dog.

  12. Hey Christy! Thanks for following! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog!

  13. Really like the shirt! GOod luck with the 10K, and fingers crossed that you get into the Hood to Coast!

  14. How'd your race go, Speedy Gonzales?

    I'll be in those giveaways for sure!

  15. Hope the race went well :) :) I am sure you rocked it. Can't wait for the giveaways!

  16. i am intrigued by the "twist bands"! can't wait to see what they are!


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