Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part 1 of Q&A with some eye candy

I don't know why I have been so slow to get to this but here goes the first part!

Jess from My Continuing Quest for Sanity
Of all the muscles you use when running, what is your favorite/ most important, and why? hmm that is a hard one since there are so many involved and all important.

I would have to maybe say my quads for being so powerful.

Carrie  from Family Fitness Food asked
1. What was your favorite vacation?
My honey moon in Maui or possibly the trip to Italy with my little sister.  Two of the best times ever.  Although I am sure my Dad would think it should be one of the family "vacations" where we trailed the cows home for three days and camped out. We scavenged for sage brush to burn in the middle of the night to stay warm.  We had burned blueberry pancakes at four in the morning and my sisters horse ran off sometime during the night.  Like the time we rode in during a blizzard and we couldn't see a thing, but the next morning when we got up the  world was beautiful and white and somehow we found all the cows.  I remember my toes being so cold.  My little sister and I camped in the back of the pickup, we thought we were so cool not to sleep in the big tent with everyone else.  Oddly enough they are all fond memories now.

2. What's your food vice?
Hmm is cake considered a food. I love cake. The frosting and cake part everything.  So freaking good, like crack for me.  I see some and that is all I can think about. Well that and maple bars.

3. If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?
I would run.  Anyone want to sponsor me? Maybe I should get faster before I worry about a sponsor  :) I love my job as an OR nurse though and really am happy doing it.

Kara from It's A Dog Lick Baby World asked
1. If you could have a meal with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
  Jesus.  I would have so many questions for him.

  Brad Pitt, because I have had a crush on him for years, and then he could even have his picture taken with me. Lucky him! and I would ask him WTH Jennifer Aniston is so much cooler than Angelina in my book.
  Princess Diana, I always thought she was a classy lady.  I would love to hear her stories and chat with her.  I had Princess Diana paper dolls when I was younger.   :)

2. Make out with Mel Gibson or kick a puppy. Pick one.

 Dammmit spare the puppy and make out with William Wallace. That was an easy one. I could ask him to wear a kilt and pretend I am on Braveheart.  I can't think of a time Mel was hotter! I can forget about the crazy things he has done for a couple minutes.  I prefer to remember him as a hottie in a kilt. Although in that picture it looks a bit like he has a mullet.  Shoot, that is a bit of a turn off.

3. What are your biggest pet peeves for blog reading?
Not being able to reply to bloggers on my email because they are a no reply.  Please change your Google settings and put your email in there! everybody!

Raquelita from Historiada on the Run asked what is your pre race ritual?
The night before I make sure my Garmin and Ipod are fully charged, and put them in a bag with my racing flats, extra socks, bib, gels, and purse.  I lay out the clothes I am going to wear and go to bed.  In the morning I have a cup of coffee and drink lots of water.  I eat oatmeal with chia seeds, pecans, cinnamon, and a little brown sugar.  Get dressed, use the loo and head out.  I always stop at a certain gas station to pee and buy a granola bar to eat.  Being nervous makes me hungry?  Get to the race, park and pin on my bib number.  Use the porta potty, warm up, turn on garmin, get playlist ready, use the porta potty.  Okay okay being nervous makes me pee a lot too.

She also asked what my favorite racing distance is?  I love the 5k.  I was a sprinter in high school and this is the closest to a sprint I do now days, but I am learning to love the half marathon distance almost as much.  There is so much more time for strategy and passing people.  Also a much bigger feeling of accomplishment when I am done. 

 Yesterday I finally got my internet back. I went nearly five whole days without it.   It is amazing how much I missed it!  I missed blogging, checking the weather, looking up recipes, and googling the random questions I might have.  My kids missed playing Curious George games.

What do you miss most about the internet when you are forced to do without?  It did save me from buying another Lululemon running skirt though.  I don't need it I just really want it.  Sigh


  1. Hahahah! Spare the puppy and make out with braveheart. I like you.

  2. Ah I wanna go to Maui SO BAD! I went to Oahu last year and nearly DIED. I hear Maui is even nicer!

    Awesome answers!

  3. Great questions and answers!

    And I'm pretty sure that i'd go insane w/o the internet. At least I have it on my phone, so that helps. But still. It's just not normal to not have the internet. (Remember when there was no internet?!?!lol)

  4. Your family vacation sounds fun...but I'd take Maui or Italy over camping any day :-)

  5. I'm so not a camper. Did you ever find the horse that ran off?

    You prompted me to check my google settings... I didn't know that was an option - does mine work?

  6. That family vacation sounds incredible--even if it was maybe stressful as a kid! That's what memories are made of!

  7. LOVE CAKE!!!!!!!!!! best food ever. haha! i really do not know if i could make it without the internet but i would DEFINITELY miss blogging!

  8. Love your spare the puppy answer! At times I just get back in line for the portapotty as soon as I come out. Nerves make me have to pee too.

  9. I love how off the wall my questions were in comparison to the others. :)

    Angelina is WAY hotter than Jennifer Aniston, just FYI. WAY. :P

  10. *sigh* Lululemon. I so badly want to try out their cute stuff but I can't afford it. And I'd rather kick Mel Gibson and get some puppy kisses.

  11. Fun, fun! I love cake too. Last night I made the mistake of watching cupcake wars before bed and I wanted a cupcake so dang bad. Too bad it was 11 oclock at night. he he

    Have a great day!!

  12. Obviously we have the same taste in men. But I gave Brad up when he broke Jen's heart.... still like to look though! :)

    Fun post.

  13. Catching up w/ your blog, girl....I'm with you on Mel G. I prefer to remember him back in the day before he went insane. I'd never kick a puppy.


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