Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Seven Links

I have been tagged three times for My 7 links so I figured I had better get on it!  I was tagged by runner..maybe, Rust Belt Runner, and... I can't remember the third one Sorry but I do remember it was by someone I really like and felt special they tagged me.  If it was you leave me a note  :)

1.Most beautiful post was more beautiful for the pictures than the content.  It was Sunshine Saturday    
2. Most popular post so far has been my most recent half marathon race recap.  This was a race I really felt great for and had a lot of fun with.  It made me so excited for my next half marathon. 

I squeaked in a PR and had fun! Big Sky State Games Half Marathon Race Recap 

3. Most controversial post?  I don't know that I am ever controversial. But you could count my To 10k or Not to 10k  post as controversial it presented  a question :)

4.  Most Helpful Post could be Motivating Factors and Mind Games

5. The Post Whose Success Surprised Me How I Love Running In the Rain

6.Post that didn't get the attention it deserved hmm?  How about 1st Post  I didn't have any followers when I posted it so I never really felt like anyone ever say it.  I love all the fun awesome and inspiring people I have met through my blog.  Thank you everyone!

7. The Post I am most Proud of.  My Hood To Coast Nuun contest entry.  I didn't win the contest, but I did make alternate.  I had fun and most importantly I TRIED.   Okay and it pretty much sucks but gives me something to work on next time I do something crazy like that.

I know I am supposed to tag people here but I have seen so many people tagged that I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet and wants to share.  okay and maybe I am being a little lazy because I am tired.  


  1. Hey, I think I had read all of those except your FIRST, so I just went and read it to.

    I really enjoy your blog and your pics.

  2. I just had to read your first post too! I love this 7 links post, so fun to read older entries!

  3. I love these 7 links! Thanks for sharing some of the posts that I missed along the way :)

  4. I want a race picture like that!! Wow you look amazing! My pics always make me want to never run a race again so there is no photographic evidence

  5. LOL It was me that tagged you! :0) Yay!

  6. Ok so just to dwell on that last one about hood to nuun...just think about how many people get injured from running, you are totally going to be pulled from alternate to active status, it's just a matter of when! So proud of you for taking the risk to apply, you're going to rock it.

  7. I will do this one (7 links) at some point. I hadn't heard of it! And I enjoyed reading your 1st post too.

  8. You look so hardcore when you run! Just sayin'

  9. loved this

    and for the record, when I saw your nuun video (as I was stalking other applicants) I said to my hubsand "THIS girl is in!"

  10. I love these 7 links posts! So fun to catch up on any posts that I've missed!

  11. I liked reading your seven links. I'm a new reader of your blog and it's nice to be able to catch up! Thanks for sharing!


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