Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh Hello Internet I have missed you and a bit on strength training.

I have now had five days of intermittent and or no internet at all.  Ugh, I am going through withdrawals.  Apparently it is due to some well placed lightening strikes and I am not high on the getting fixed fast list or something.  A little aggravating! …moving on.  I finally am up and running.  I feel so behind on my blog reading.  So I am going to the google reader as soon as I get this done!

Why runners should strength train.

There are many benefits of strength training for runners here are a few reasons that I found

There is the very obvious reason that it makes you stronger
It can help prevent osteoporosis
Help prevent injuries
It’s a great metabolism booster
Help keep you feeling younger
Can help prevent or get rid of symptoms of depression (so does running)
Make you more confident about your body
A strong upper body is important to good posture and helps your running form

I know some women worry about getting too bulky.  You have to be really dedicated and lift a lot to get bulky.  You also need testosterone  a lot more than what we normally produce.   Strength training also helps us by giving us a higher muscle to fat ratio.  Muscle helps when you are running and fat does not.  It is just hanging around for the ride.  Muscle whether it is working or resting burns calories. 

Women also start losing muscle mass as they get older, regular strength training can help prevent the frailty that comes with getting older. 

Tell me why you like to strength train.
I do because I like feeling strong and maintaining a healthy lean look.  I also want to look good for my husband.  My husband is always shocked at how women our age that we grew up with have really let themselves go.  I don’t really fault them I know it is hard to keep up with a running and strength training routine, but for me it has always been a priority.  Their priorities are just different or life takes them down a different path.  Not judging, just saying that for me being fit was more important than getting my nails done or watching TV and I have been lucky enough to only work three days a week which makes it easy for me. Being married and having kids has made it harder, but maybe made it also more of a priority.  I want to be able to keep up with my kids and set a good example for them.

My second 10k ever is coming up this weekend.  Kind of  excited, it should be a fun one with Blues Bands playing along the route.   My only real goal is to beat my time from earlier this summer and get a new PR.   :)


  1. I like to have muscle definition. :) Hey, tell me about google reader...is it easier? Can you comment from there? I'm so not blog saavy. I just read from my blog roll.

  2. I do feel more confident when I do some type of weights. This summer I've been doing Supreme 90 day and I'm loving that. Definitely helps the running, and mood for me.

  3. I like that your "only" goal is to get a PR. That's a good goal. :)

  4. I'm not going to lie, I hate (and don't do) strength training. I used to be JACKED when I did bodypump three times a week, but quitting the gym really killed that for me.

    Does no internet mean no power at all??

  5. Hey, I have missed you. Glad you are back.

    I do strength train... but in the summer it is hit and miss. More committed in the 'indoor' season for sure.

    It is all about gravity and vanity for me!

  6. Well....glad you're back kid! I was wondering where you went!

    Still rockin' Bodyrock.tv for my strength. it's kickin' my pooper as always.

  7. You totally have muscles and they look good, girl!
    Can't wait to see you rock it in your 10k!

  8. I love reminders like this! I aways used to be glued to cardio machines, and ONLY cardio machines because I just wanted to be super skinny and fast and thought that was the only way to do it. Strength training has definitely helped me feel a lot better about myself and has improved my running as well! I try to do it about three times a week :)

  9. I do strength training twice a week... just a 20 or so minute routine of squats, lunges, kicks, lifts, pushups, planks, crunches, v-sit, etc. I really don't enjoy it, but it hasn't take much to get a lot of muscle definition in my shoulders, arms, abs, etc. and I want to be healthy and strong overall and prevent injuries from running, so I do it.

    Good luck at your race this weekend!!!

  10. strength training
    I am terrible at it
    not consistant
    I know I need to do more
    I should find a DVD to do at home

  11. I love strength training and I never witty about getting bulky because I don't train all the time but if I dud I would be proud of pure muscle!

    Great luck with your 10k!


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