Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Looking for advice on a street mile race!

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 I was bummed to read Balancing Act clothing had this on their FB page yesterday.
Hello friends of Balancing Act Clothing,

I just wanted to thank you ALL for your support and interest in Balancing Act Clothing. I want to let you all know that after doing some soul searching, I've decided to stop making t-shirts for awhile. Someday when I can afford to quit my full time job, I would love to bring it back, but for now I have to focus on my real job and keeping my sanity :). I feel like I can't give this thing the attention it really needs to deliver a quality product on an efficient time frame.

If you are interested in Pixie Wings shirts I have 48 pre-printed performance shirts: tanks, t-shirts and long sleeves (sz S, M, L & XL) that I will start selling on my website Saturday, 11/26 and continue to sell until they are sold out. I will also continue to make and sell the "Enough" shirts to benefit the National Eating Disorder Association in order to fulfill my commitment with them. I will make an FB announcement when the website is back up.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you again for your support!

Alissa Costello

Bummer.  I had got a tank recently on her shirts that had errors sale.  I love it.  Sorry about the toothpaste on the mirror, kids are messy.  I love the wings on the back of the tank and was wanting more from them.  :(  but I understand.  Sometimes we have to take care of ourselves.

 My little sister told me about these pictures of Katie Holmes sometime ago.  I think they are so much better than her no bra marathon pictures.  I think it is great she is confident enough with her mommy belly stretched skin to wear a bikini top to the beach.  Why?
 Because this is a lot like my belly looks like when I bend over.  My belly never was the same after my son.  Sometimes I wish I were that brave.  But then again maybe I just know better and keep it covered up!

 Wym over at A Taller Order had this on her blog the other day.  Cracked my up.  I loved She-Ra when I was little, and remember play He-Man and She-Ra with my little brother.  What is cooler than the Princess of Power?  My daughter has never seen She-Ra but LOVES all things princess of course.  Sigh

I bet She-Ra was a runner.  Just saying. Not sure what her top is but I am pretty sure she is wearing a running skirt, those shoes need to go though.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I am doing a Turkey Trot 5k and then a street mile in the morning followed by dinner at my parents house!  I have not been doing any speed training so this will be interesting to see where I am at with that.  I have been putting in about 30 miles a week with lots of hills, so we'll see.  I do not expect a personal best, but I do want to good.  There are almost 1500 people signed up for the 5k and last I heard over 100 for the street mile.

I have to admit I am really nervous for the street mile.  I haven't run a mile race since..well I guess since we did timed miles in physical education in high school.  I am getting nervous about doing it after already having run a 5k.  

Trying to decide if I go all out for both.  I will have about 35 to 40 minutes to recover from the 5k before the street mile.  I really want to see how fast I can do a mile.  I think that should be enough recovery time.  What do you think? My priority is the street mile, but not sure if I will be able to not race my little competitive heart out on the 5k too. 

Have you done a mile race before?  Any thoughts, advice?


  1. My thought is to run your 5k at your best. Don't hold back even with you wanting to do the street mile. If you hold back on the 5k and the mile comes out less than you are aiming for, you will be disappointed with both. Get as much rest between races and give it all you got for the mile. It will seem like a breeze since you just ran the 5k. Good luck!

  2. I love the She Ra picture. I too played it with my brother! I have never done a 5k and then a mile but I think you could go all out on both and be fine...but remember I have no experience and I am basically just making this advice up! Good Luck and I hope you are super speedy on both!

  3. LOVE the She-Ra picture!
    (and the comment that she needs new shoes)

    As for the belly issue... don't think about what a body looks like, think about what it can DO!!! :)

  4. May sound silly, but I didn't even know there was such thing as a mile race! Best of luck at both!

  5. You look awesome so not sure what those tummy comments are all about!! I have never tried a mile race before but would love to. I don't think I have ever even seen any that I could sign up for. I think the rest period between both events is fine and you might as well race your heart out for both races because you heart won't let you do any less!! Have fun and good luck!! Let us know how it goes!

  6. I think you could race both. How fun to have a mile race. Good luck!!

    I love that saying.

  7. I've never heard of a mile race. Sounds fun! Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I've never done a mile race, but that would be a lot of fun!!! Good luck, I can't wait for the report :) Your pics and comments on this post cracked me up!

  9. love She-Ra! My daughter is into all things princess too - sometimes I think she is an alien sent down here to confuse me....

    My tummy does that when I bend over - glad to know I have something in common with a celebrity! :)

    Good luck with your races!

  10. I love everything about this post. I love She-Ra and that is pretty much exactly what my stomach looks like... even when I'm not bent over. Apparently having 5 giant children means my stomach will never ever be the same- without surgery ;).
    I think you will be fine going all out on both races! Good luck! I haven't ran a mile race since I was a sophomore in HS.

  11. I loved She-ra so much as a kid that I named our cat She-ra. Do you know how embarrassing that was 10 years later? Haha

    My stomach does that too. The only solution is to gain a little weight to fill out the folds :)

  12. I say use the 5k to warm up and stretch out those legs. Then burn up the street mile!

  13. I have never done a 1 mile street race but I have done a Time Trial on my bike. Same concept, you have to go hard and fast very quickly after the gun goes off. So you need to make sure those muscles are good and warm. I would say easy run the 5k and then make sure you keep your muscles warm and ready, with sweats, light stretching, and maybe more easy jogging so they are ready to go when the gun fires. Starting a mile on cold muscles can never be a good idea.
    Good luck!

  14. Best wishes for both your races! 5k sounds like a good warm up for a mile race :)

  15. Instead of toothpaste on the mirror, mine seems to be all over the counter tops. How do they manage to get it everywhere!?

    I've had three kids and my stomach will never be the same. I don't have the nerve to go out in a two piece. Maybe after a tummy tuck but I have no dollars for that kinda thing. Plus, I'm in really great shape so what's a few skin rolls??

    I say you can do both the mile and 5K and kick both in the pants!

  16. I am scared to death to run just a mile. ha ha! I'd take a marathon over 1 mile any day I think. You will do great. I would just give the 5k a moderate/hard effort and then go all out in the mile race. Best of luck, it sounds fun!

  17. I've only done a mile race in high school, ugh they are painful! I've always said that the shorter the race, the more intense the pain is. I think you could be able to do both the 5K and the mile race, but you will be tired out from the 5K. If you really want to see what you can do in a mile being at 100% energy, I wouldn't recommend doing the 5K then (unless you simply use the 5K as a warmup).

    As for tips during the mile, I'm not sure if it's run on a track or the street, but make sure to have a garmin or hopefully the course has markers so you can tell how far you've run. Missy is right above, you need to be ready to go full blast from the gun when the race starts. In terms of effort, you don't want to literally go all out, but pretty close to that the whole mile, so that you basically want to collapse at the end of the mile. Good luck!

  18. I would take it easy on the 5k, and kill it on the mile - so cool to have a short race because you KNOW your pace is going to be insanely fast!

  19. Love your postings. I've added you to my daily blog list.

  20. I say go all out for the 5K and then see how you feel after. I bet you'll run a great time for the 5K and street mile!

  21. I am pretty confident that once you get started you WILL run your little heart out!

    Have an awesome day...

    Now I know how you can jump so high. You have wings! Adorable shirt.

  22. love that shirt, and your arms are amazing! i would never wear sleeves!!! good luck in your races, can't wait to hear about them!

  23. Have fun with your two races tomorrow! You are going to totally rock both of them, you are such a strong and fast runner. I don't even know where to get started on the street mile, that sounds intimidating to me, but I'm sure you'll do so well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. a mile race that would scare me but you, you can do it!

    I have a 5k tomorrow. I should be in bed NOW.

    Katie Holmes pics...after 2 babies and loosing 75 lbs I got some of that going on on my belly and arms and legs..and I HATE it but I also love it..the ones sponsored by my kids because they remind me that I did give birth to them and I am proud of it and the others because they remind me of how far I have come.

    happy thanksgiving
    run fast and smile!


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