Monday, November 28, 2011

Looking to the Future (its right around the corner).

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  I loved it! You guys are all awesome.

I found this on Pinterest.  If you want to follow me on Pinterest you can find me HERE

December is always a hard month.  It is light later in the morning and dark earlier at night.  It has the shortest day of the year.  It is usually cold, snowy and seems to have at least one long spell of below zero weather.  It isn't as enjoyable to be outside.  As if this weren't enough it is the Christmas season.  Everywhere you go there are plates full of Christmas cookies and goodies of all kinds begging you to eat them.  Neighbors give them to you, family members give them to you, co-workers bring them in to the lounge where everytime you go in to get a glass of water they are crying out to you "eat me eat me"!

It would be a lot easier if all those goodies didn't taste so good. I have a hard time just taking one bite or one small piece, especially if I am hungry.  Once I get started I tend to eat way more than I meant to.  As a result weight tends to creep on and my pants start getting tighter than I care to admit by New Years.   SO discouraging.

So far this year I have managed to keep my weight pretty steady.  I am happy right where I am at and am hoping to keep it that way.  All the mileage I have been running lately has been helping I think.  Last year at this time my jeans were starting to get tight.  I try to never worry about my weight.  I step on my scale a couple times a week, but i don't stress over the number as long as my jeans fit.

Being as yesterday was my birthday, I did eat cake.  My husband and kids got me an ice cream cake and my Mom made me a German chocolate cake with raspberries and whip cream on top instead of frosting.  Soo yummy.  HBBC gives you one point for 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day.  This has pointed out to me how bad I have been lately about getting my servings of fruits and veggies in.  It seems so much easier in the summer when there is an abundance of fresh stuff around.

'So my December goals (i know I am a little ahead of the game here)

1. Eat more veggies
2. Eat more fruit
3. Keep running mileage up between 20 and 30 miles a week
4. Keep healthy snacks in my lunch bag so I am not so tempted by the holiday treats!
5. Keep lots of fruits and veggies on hand.

What are your tricks to avoid the holiday bulge?
Sometimes I eat one and throw the rest in the garbage or put it in the freezer.

Have you started on your December goals?


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was wonderful.
    I used to be the one baking all those cookies. But I was eating them too so now I don't do nearly as many plus I bring most of them to parties etc.
    Doing that plus staying active keeps me somewhat in check.

  2. I have been hearing about the challenge a lot lately. One point for seven servings? I doubt I am getting in half of those servings! I will have to focus on eating more fruit and veggies too! I dislike frosting but whipped cream sounds yummy!

  3. Christy, I'm so sorry I missed your b-day post! Happy late b-day and I'm GLAD you ate cake.

    My poor husband's b-day is two days before yours--he had a terrible stomach virus and was either in the bathroom or in bed the whole day. The next day we were traveling. I will get him his cake tonight for sure.

    Congrats on keeping your weight steady--your plan sounds reasonable and practical--my plan is very similar. And (so far) I've managed to keep my weight steady too (it helps that a week ago I had the same stomach virus my husband picked up--sucks to be sick while traveling, but maybe it put me in a good place ahead of Thanksgiving :^) ).

  4. I think that sounds like a good plan! Last year my husband and I had a pact to not gain any weight during the holiday season. It actually worked having that extra accountability. I think we need to do that again this year. Just having a plan and sticking to it helps a lot.

  5. Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was excellent :)

    I love this plan - and you're not that early, I think anything between Thanksgiving and New Years pretty much counts as December. heh

  6. I've never set goals before but i've been thinking that I should....maybe I'll get on that!

  7. My trick for not gaining weight at the holidays is that the only part of holiday food that I like is sweets, so I can pretty much reign in over eating other stuff and indulge on cookies every once in a while. That and I run all winter.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm a fan of taking one bite, usually from my husband's plate!

  9. Those are some good goals! I also use my jeans as a measure of gain and loss, the jeans never lie baby. I try to avoid eating everything by only indulging in the one things I crave. So one treat and skip everything else. I'm just going to try and keep the run streak alive in december and eat well to give me the energy to do so.

  10. LOVE that pin! I saw it yesterday on Pinterest too! December is a hard I have my daughter's birthday just before Christmas! My hubby and I have started eating very clean this week and having him to hold me accountable helps so much! I try to pack lots of stuff with me so there is no room for hunger and bad choices! You can do it...go conquer December!!!

  11. happy belated birthday!

    I just started following you on Pinterest...LOVE it! that picture was motivation enough for me :)

    Yea, my dec goals are to NOT give in to holiday temptations and keep up with my running so I'm ready for Jan 15th!

  12. Awww I missed you yesterday - HAPPY birthday :) hope it was as awesome as you! and great goals. I need to increase my vitamin D and calcium. I think it'll help me through the winter. soooo warm here!!!!

  13. Oh ps: if you like tommie copper gear I'm hosting a giveaway!

  14. So glad you had a happy birthday!! Hope you liked my card ;)

    I feel the same way about the holidays. I tend to feel fat in everything but I started a 12 week program yesterday that I think will help to keep me on track! I wrote about it a bit on my blog today but I will continue to update!

    I'm going to start thinking about my December goals soon. It always helps to write them down :)

  15. I definitely need to get on the "eat more veggies" train. It's a rough one.

  16. First off, how did I miss your birthday, I guess I wasn't online much yesterday. Happy belated birthday, November 27th is a great day to be born since that is mini me's birthday too!!
    Great goals, I need to get mine down on paper!! I haven't met the 7 fruits and veggies goals once since HBBC started so I know I've been slacking!! I need to get on that!
    As far as how I avoid the holiday bulge, I don't usually. I'm going to try really hard to avoid most of the treats this year, I don't want to gain any weight, I like how my clothes are fitting right now!!

  17. I just try to maintain over the holidays - I don't own a scale and just go by how my pants fit. I'm sure I'll gain one or two pounds, but as long as I keep exercising I know it will all even out.

    I'm sure your mileage is helping you - you have been putting in great distance lately!

  18. Love that. Besides Christmas, 2 of my kids have birthdays in December so there's just way to much celebrating going on ;). I don't have any goals yet, but I need to work on that! I must have some other plan besides running more!

  19. you so "GOT THIS!" I hear you on the temptations tho. Its super hard :( I LOVE that inspiration quote and am following you now on twitter.! Thank you for the reminder to set my December Goals. It will be more important than ever with all the festivities happening! Have a great day!

  20. 1. I JUST got on the Pinterest bandwagon. I resisted for so long, and now I cannot figure out what I did without it!

    2. I love baking, so I'm the one always pawning off my baked goodies to poor, unsuspecting acquantainces.

    3. The key, for me, is to never, ever feel deprived - I make choices based on what sounds most delicious, and what I would really be devestated to miss out on (dramatic enough?!). And then I eat a moderate amount - just enough to make me feel like I didn't miss out on anything. And balance it with good choices the rest of the time.

    4. Roasted veg soups - easy, tasty way to fit in some extra servings!

  21. Yes it is hard to fight the holiday bulge when everyone at the hospital is constantly bringing in treats....and then I see stuff lying around and I just end up grazing all day. If I can keep that stuff to a minimum, I should be OK. I usually eat pretty well when I'm at home, it's just the time at work that gets to me (especially on nightshift when I eat because I just want to be in bed, haha.)

  22. Happy Late Birthday!

    I am doing the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge

    and also the Winter 100 challenge

    Hopefully these two will keep me on track. I am not big into sweets, but the dips call my name!

  23. Great goals! I agree, the HBBC fruits and veggies thing has made me realize how much more of each I need to be eating! I always thought I was pretty good…until I realized how hard it was to earn the point :) I love ice cream cakes…mmmmm!

  24. for me it is easy....same diet, same food, 365 days a year, it is boring and frustrating but better then getting sick

    I stepped on the scale this morning...2 lbs down

  25. Happy belated birthday!

    I'm such a slouch this year with any kind of healthy holiday eating. Being 33 weeks pregnant, I've pretty much thrown all caution out the window and am just enjoying the food for once. However, in a normal year, I'll usually bake tons of Xmas treats, but send tins of them with my husband to work or pass them out to other friends & neighbors. I get a few that I want, but pass along all of the extra temptation!

  26. Hope your birthday was wonderful! I love your goals for the month. Great goals. I think my number one goal is to drink more water! I've really been slacking on it!

  27. Thank you. I needed this post today. I am really struggling with the holidays and staying on track with healthy eating, running, fitness and weight.

    Happy belated! I hope you had a beautiful birthday!

  28. I've decided to nominate one day a week to get the 7 portions of fruit and veg. I'd never manage it otherwise :) Tomorrow will be my first. Also trying not to snack too much... :S

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