Monday, January 9, 2012

Sick dog and Running Safety

Cola was vomiting for three days so I made him stay home from my runs over the weekend.  He KNEW what I was doing and looked so sad when I was leaving I nearly changed my mind.  I just wanted him to concentrate on getting better. I Googled vomiting dog and put him on a rice diet starting Saturday night.  He puked the first round I gave him. So I tried some Emetrol, I had no Peptol Bismol.

It seemed to help. He hasn't puked since Saturday night.  I have been feeding him a cup of rice every hour or so.  I will add in some chicken today if he is still doing better.  His temp is good and his nose is cool and moist so I am guessing he isn't dehydrated.  He gets to go to the vet if he pukes even one more time.  I just want him up and running with me again.

I think the vet threat has worked though.  

I had a pretty low key weekend.  I ran 11 miles Saturday and 6.25 on Sunday.  They both felt great.  The weather has been so nice, it is going to be such a bummer when winter sets in again.  Today is supposed to get up to 56ish but be very windy, so I am going to run this morning when it is cooler, but less windy.

I am going to skip my planned intervals this week since I was having some odd knee pain last week and pick it up again next week.

I have to admit the runner that went missing this weekend in Sidney, MT has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I think it is a good reminder to all of us to be careful.  Bad things can happen anywhere, at any time and when you least expect them.

My husband and my Dad have been on  me for awhile about carrying pepper spray or a gun.  I really don't know why I don't .  Maybe I worry it will be too bulky on the run or hard to mobilize in time.  Afraid it could be used against me if I can't get it mobilized in time.

Look what I found this morning. Do you see the pink thing on her hand?  Pepper spray.

You can check out the website HERE  They cost about $30, but to me. I think it is worth it.  I don't want to be afraid of going for runs.  I don't want to be sidelined by fear.

Here are some great tips I copied from their website too.  I thought I would share.

If Confronted

  • Run toward populated areas, busy streets, open business.
  • Ignore jeers and verbal harassment. Keep moving.
  • Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Be friendly, but keep your distance and keep moving.
  • Do not approach a car to give directions, or the time of day. Point toward the nearest police or information source, shrug your shoulders, but keep moving. If you feel you must respond, do it while moving.
  • Do not panic. Do not run toward a more isolated area.

If Attacked

Just kidding. 
  • Keep as calm as possible. Try to fix a description of the attacker in your mind.
  • Do not show fear or plead – this intensifies aggression in most cases.
  • Try to talk to the aggressor and look for an escape opportunity – a moment of indecision or distraction on the attacker’s part.
  • Do not fight or struggle with the attacker unless there is clearly no other way out, especially if you are untrained in self defense.
Anything you want to add?
Do you run with pepper spray?


    1. I don't run with pepper spray just because I only run during the day through populated neighborhoods. I guess that doesn't guarantee safety. That pepper spray contraption is awesome. I do however hike with pepper spray. Although a female park ranger was just shot and killed near Mt. Ranier so I don't think pepper spray makes me feel too safe either. So sad that we cant even enjoy any outdoor activity without worrying about our lives:(

    2. I thought about this too during my long yesterday and when a dog chased me about died! Its very scary and normally im not a scaredy cat and I do like running in secluded areas. I love that pepper spray, going to get one! Hope cola is feeling better!!!

    3. My husband has encouraged me to get pepper spray in the past - I will say that is one of the reasons I don't run outside in the dark...I am to freaked out by the off chance something bad can happen.

      I hope your puppy starts feeling better soon.

    4. I think the pepper spray idea looks really neat, and not that bad things don't happen in Canada but running with a gun is completely unheard of. I guess it's the whole right to carry a weapon thing (that we don't have, I don't think).

      I run mostly in the day,always in populated areas like my neighbourhood or high park (Which always has lots of people walking/running). I feel more safer in the populated city then I ever felt in rural Newfoundland.

      PS - my dog sky got nasty sick last year, gastro-enteritis, poor girl lived off brown rice and boiled chicken for 2 weeks, I hope Cola heals quickly.

    5. I'm glad that Cola's vomiting has slowed down, I hope he continues to get better!!

      I am still in disbelief about the runner who went missing. Makes me so nervous about running on my own, anything can happen.

      And even more eerie is how they found one of her shoes...

    6. Such great tips and reminders Christy! Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me to think more about my safety.

      So glad to hear your pup is feeling better.

    7. Great tips Christy! That pepper spray is really a good idea, I have pepper spray that I could carry, but never do because I don't think I'd get it out in time so that seems like a smart idea. It is scary to think of how quickly and easily something bad could happen, it sucks that we have to worry about these things, but it is always better to be aware and prepared...

      Hope Cola feels better and the rice diet continues to work.

    8. If I have to run in the dark or if I'm in any way spooked, I'll carry pepper spray. I have a cute pink one that clips right on a belt or my iPod armband.

      And I always leave a note (either written or on my fb page ... depending on if anyone else is home or not) with my planned route and the absolute max time I should be gone.

    9. It really is sickening to think of poor Sherry, the missing runner.

      I will admit that I have become increasingly complacent about safety over the years. Not a good thing. I like the looks of that pepper spray--convenient.

    10. Over the years people have been on me about pepper spray too, but I've also never done it. I'm just sure I'll end up wearing it myself. I love your tips about safety though--OF COURSE you should never approach a car asking for directions, but I never thought of it that way.

      Sending out prayers for Sherry....

    11. Poor Cola! He probably ate some road kill or something :)

      I don't run with pepper spray, but then again I do have a fair amount of years of martial arts that would probably serve me better than fumbling for an unfamiliar spray. I do always run with my cell phone! (I also don't run with pepper spray since I run with my kid a lot and when you use pepper spray, it doesn't just hurt the guy you spray, you get some too and I wouldn't want to hurt the kid!)

    12. If someone came after me - I'd kill them. No question.

      I know you'd probably think easier said then done but I always have a knife /w me when alone and I am very skilled /w a blade. I told Colin if they world were to end (and some people were killing each other to survive) my weapon of choice would be a sword, as guns run out of bullets.....sorry I've got so attacker man hatred inside me :) lol

      also I wear my road ID just incase!

    13. oh yes, and of course give my best , and a hug to Cola :) the little rascal!

    14. I'm so sad about that missing runner- I've been thinking of her constantly and praying.

      I'm buying pepper spray ASAP.

      The only thing to add - I saw on Oprah YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS ago...that if someone attacks you and tries to get you in a car- FIGHT TO THE DEATH...DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO GET YOU IN THEIR CAR,because where they are taking you won't be good, and you might as well fight and kick and punch BEFORE they get you in the car. I've always remembered that - and that's what I'd do. I just pray that runner is found safe and sound.
      Kelly in Michigan

    15. Such good advice and I love the pepper stray that wraps around your hand - genius!!!

      My dog always knows when we are headed out for a run. I feel really guilty when we head to the gym instead of outside and he is left behind :(

    16. Hope Cola is better soon. I have pepper spray...I admit that I don't always carry it but try to if I'm going for a long run alone.

    17. Poor pup! When Bungee is sick, we give her rice and chicken and chicken broth. I think she enjoys getting sick just for something other than kibble to eat.

      I read somewhere that if someone tries to attack you, you should just bolt or attempt to escape at all costs because if they were going to hurt you, they'll hurt you whether you're cooperative or not, so you're better off trying to get out of there.

      Pepper spray is a great idea.

    18. I only run with pepper spray when I am running alone & lately I have been running a lot with friends so I have not worried about it. But whenever I am running alone it is my my pouch, just in case :)

    19. i have pepper spray in my car but it was so bulky when i tried to carry it (it was on my key chain and i was carring my keys...kept banging around). I figure i could do better trying to get away some other way b/c i figure i'd be too slow to get it activated. Sometimes this ol' earth just stinks. Wish we didn't hafta worry about this.

    20. I hope Cola feels better! Just as a heads up, my friend's dog recently got sick in the same way you're describing and when she took him to the vet, it turns out he has something called HGE (you can Google it) and the vet said that he has seen a lot of cases lately.Not wanting to scare you but just in case it keeps up! :)

    21. Oh no poor Cola!
      That pepper spray thing is great! I carry some in my fuel belt but cannot access it fast enough. Sadly I've had to.
      I'm just sick about that missing woman.

    22. I have that missing woman on my mind all day yesterday and today. I don't usually do that. I have been going online to check to see if there's an update - a happy update. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that such things happen.
      Since my move, I haven't been running much outside alone (with Paddy Wag) because I felt kinda funny about the routes near my place. I'll start running outside this weekend with a male running buddy.
      Please be careful when you are out there yourself.
      And sending sweet thoughts to Cola. Hope he is feeling much better.

    23. thanks so much for posting those tips. i am always wondering if i am running in a safe area or doing the right things to keep myself safe. i have passed toooo many people that i get nervous, smile and sprint by. it makes me sad to have to be this cautious but i think its so important.

    24. Poor Cola! I can imagine the look on his face when he realized what you were doing and he was being left home. Hope he's better.

      I do have pepper spray, I got it after my dog was attacked by another dog. It's meant for dogs, but I've used it when running in unfamiliar areas. It's like a little stick. Sucks that we have to protect ourselves.

      Stay safe, I was thinking about you with all of this.

    25. I hope Cola gets better VERY soon. Sorry to hear he has not been well.

      Yes, do whatever it takes to stay safe. That pepperspray looks like the right thing to me.

      I took a self defense class years ago and the cop told us to NEVER GET IN A VEHICLE... fight for your life outside of the vehicle if you have to. Once you get in, you are basically giving up.


    26. Oh noo! I'm sending good vibes to Mr Cola for him to get better soon. When Cb is sick I'll give him carrots boiled with the rice in some chicken stock. That usually clears up his troubles.

      Thanks for posting about the pepper spray and tips for safety. Since I run alone I'm paranoid. I always go when it's light out and seems like there are always many other runners out. But I am more scared living in the big city now, so I always have my cell phone or generally just jump on the tread at my apartment. I really hope the missing runner is found safe very soon.

    27. the pepper spray is a good idea, the gun seems as if it may be too bulky. i don't carry anything on my runs, but there are a lot of laws in the city here regarding pepper spray and if i was attacked and actually used it i could end up spending time in jail. it's kinda bogus, but seeing as it's a big city and densely populated i can understand regulations.

    28. Oh jeez, my heart aches for the missing runner and her family. The news has definitely rocked my sense of security in running. My road has quite a bit of wooded areas and it is not very populated. It scares me at times for sure. I just got gutsy enough to run 1.75 away from the house at night (with my cell phone). Now I don't think I'll venture more than a 1/2 mile away. AND I think I'll be running with my phone & purchasing pepper spray for day runs (and night runs) as well. I tossed and turned all night last night thinking "what would I do?" I would grab for the balls, twist and bite, scream, kick, and run like hell. Perhaps I need to run with a knife. Jeez. I'll need a backpack for a quick 3.5 miler! OR maybe I need to start running in town. So many thoughts going on right now!

    29. I hope Cola is totally better!!! Poor Pup!!

      That pepper spay is cool! I was talking with my hubby and think it's either that or a sling for my shotgun and then run the roads that way. I hope and pray it will all be ok for the missing runner. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    30. Sorry Cola is not feeling well! Poor pup. I worry about safety running, and so does hubby. I like the pepper spray idea, but hopefully it's just one of those thing you never NEED to use.

    31. I think about safety when I hit the trails. I have encountered a crazy on the trails once and a couple months later a body was found in a tent off those same trails. From the description my buddy and I thought it was the same guy. It freaked us guys out so much that we picked up the pace going by and after him and then ran back on the roads. I have thought about bringing pepper spray with me. I may have some from my hiking days (bears).

    32. Thats a great idea with the pepper spray. I am terrified to run alone, and I will only do it if its daylight outside. I pray that they find the missing runner!

    33. I have my pepper spray. I usually run alone but just recently started running with a buddy. My husband always worries about me running alone whether it is night or day. Be careful out there :)

    34. Thanks for the great tips and reminders.
      I have a hand held pepper spray I got at Runners world. It Velcros around my hand and rests right in my palm, I don't even notice it. I have to say though I don't always take it and I should.

    35. great tips - I hope your pup feels better soon! I should get some pepper spray....:)

    36. Where I live there are no leash laws and I recently had a little run in with a dog. It ended up okay as I was able to stop the dog from actually reaching me by throwing a rock at it. I have definitely considered pepper spray for this reason.

      Also, as I mentioned on Twitter, my mom's best friend went for a run and was attacked and killed by a mountain lion so I definitely never run trails alone and I always let someone know I'm going and what route I'm taking and if I'm not back by a certain time to come look for me.

      I saw one commenter mention she posts where she's going on FB and after working at a domestic violence shelter and learning about how dangerous it is to "check in" places and let people knowing when you are coming and going from your house I would strongly suggest she doesn't do that. There are just too many horror stories.

    37. I mostly run In built up areas and often with a friend, but sometimes alone. I simply hope that if something ever happened to me, my karate training would serve me well in keeping me safe. As a Brit, it seems odd to see comments about guns and knives - guns are really not part of life here and carrying a concealed or locking blade is generally not ok either. If I felt unsafe, I guess pepper spray or an alarm would be the way I'd go.

    38. Hi Christy! Im a new follower of your blog but I have to say, I love it!
      I live in very rural, Western Nebraska and the missing runner from Montana has hit all of us as well. Bad enough that little hand guns have been purchased and the town is now armed with pistol packin' mother runners (to quote a friends blog!). In all seriousness I think because running is our peace of mind, we take forgranted that there are sick people out there who could attempt to hurt us. We make sure our kids are safe when they are outside playing, should do the same for ourselves. Im guilty of this on a daily basis.

    39. Thank you for sharing that link! I'm definitely getting that. I've often thought about getting some Mace or something to carry with me as I'm most often on back country roads by myself when running, but I didn't want to have to carry anything. This solves that little problem!

    40. I hope colas feeling better!!! Good tips too. That scares me so bad!

    41. Sorry about Cola! Hope he's all better now.

      Great safety tips! I need to be better about all that.

    42. I hope Cola is feeling better!

      And yes. I run with pepper spray on every run. And I hope I never have to use it!

    43. So scary - great tips for staying safe! Need to check out that pepper spray...

      Hope Cola feels better soon!


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