Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vega Sport Review and Sweepstakes

When I was asked if I wanted to try Vega Sport I was a little skeptical since I am not vegan, which certainly is not a requirement for using or trying it. 

I loved the box it came in, it had motivating quotes on it .

 The Vega Sport performance system is 100% plant-based, free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. 

I like that there are no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  I don't care one way or the other about the dairy, gluten and soy free part since I have no allergies, but I know there are those that do.

They also have a great page on nutrition and training on there website HERE

 It is broke down into three systems.  1. Prepare  2. Sustain and 3. Recover.  If you need help deciding what to use when and for what type of exercise they have a cool chart HERE that helps you decide.

My favorite thing:

The protein bars were by far away I thought the best things in the box.  I love both the chocolate saviseed and the chocolate coconut flavors.  So did my kids.  I think that tells you how good they are.  My kids don't usually think protein bars are good.

I was also a fan of the electrolyte hydrator.  I loved the lemon lime flavor.  The Pom-berry was a little too sweet for me to drink while running.  Maybe I am just to used to the subtle flavors of Nuun.
The Endurance gel, I was not a fan of. I thought it had a funny texture and gave me burps.  The flavors were good, but the texture did me in.  I had to gag it down with water.  It did help give me lots of energy though.

 The Recovery Accelerator was also good.  Not great in my opinion, I had the berry according to the directions and put the tropical in a shake.  I thought it was yummy with frozen peaches and milk..which made it unvegan, but good.

 The Performance protein..the chocolate was good, vanilla okay and the berry was not my favorite.  I had to drink it fast and keep shaking it up or it would separate out and the top layer tastes really bad.
 They also have endurance bars that I would rate as a B+, for flavor and texture.  The mocha flavor was my favorite but I wasn't such a fan of the Acai berry.

I think overall they have great products that do what they are supposed to do..give you energy and nutrition to get you through your workouts and recover from them.  My issue was more with the textures and flavors.  I would buy the protein bars, electrolyte hydrator in lemon lime and the protein powder in chocolate.

 More from the box
They are doing a sweepstakes and giving away some fabulous prizes.  Entries close March 31st so you still have plenty of time to enter to win.  Go HERE to enter.

What you can win:
One Grand Prize
Vega Sport Adventure Trip for 2:
Cycle, raft and explore your way through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama for 15 days
$5,000 in Vega Sport product
($15,000 value)
Ten Runner Up Prizes
$1000 in Vega Sport products
Twenty Finalist Prizes
$200 in Vega Sport products
Five Weekly Prizes (per week for 11 weeks)
1 Vega Sport product
Weekly prize winners will be announced weekly via social media! 

What did you like or dislike about Vega Sport if you have tried it?

How much does it being vegan sway you to buy it or try it?


  1. Hmmmm, sounds interesting. To be honest, if anything, the Vegan part turns me off. Having my livilhood based on Ag (cattle ranching) its hard for me to trust anything that is vegan-based as so many are also supportive of anti-ag/animal rights movements. To each their own is my motto, but its hard for me to support a company that may be supporting a company that is trying to end the way my family has lived for over 100 years. I would have to do more research before committing to buy the products. I do like the natural products and that would be a reason for me to do that research.

  2. I keep thinking I'll try the Vega Sport pack, but then I get sidetracked and don't do it. I love the idea of vegan because I know that it is good for you (although I am by no stretch of the imagination a vegan or even vegetarian). I need to just buy the sample pack and give it a go! Glad to know what you liked and didn't like.

  3. I haven't tried it, but I have issues with texture and I gag easily so this might not be my thing. Thanks for the thorough review:) I'm not a vegan so that part doesnt matter to me. Sounds good for someone who has food allergies though.

  4. I don't think it sounds very appetizing! But good that it gave you energy.

  5. I haven't tried their products, but I'm not a big fan of gu and gels in general. The protein bars sound good. I am somewhat intrigued by vegan products because it often means healthy in the "no additives, preservatives" kind of way... but not necessarily. Great review!

  6. I am so pumped to know there is plant-based protein out there for meal replacements, prepare, sustain, and recover.

    When it comes to working out, my passion has always been LIFTING, so prepare/recovery is HUGE for me! So far I've only tried the chocolate meal replacement and I like it. My boyfriend thinks the chocolate tastes like dirt; HOWEVER, he gave the berry flavor a try and LOVES it! We just drink it with water though, so there is lots of room for improvement for those who aren't instant fans.

    The major reason why I'm stoked on this company (for the most part - I'm still learning about them, and have only tried ONE product!) is the QUALITY of ingredients. I don't want anything but natural ingredients in ANYTHING I consume, and the fact that we can accomplish athletic goals via a plant-based/vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free ...essentially all my beliefs wrapped up in one, I'm one happy camper!

  7. I tried their sports drink mix about 8 months ago because I was intrigued by the plant based- natural ingredients. I just didn't like the taste of whatever flavor I chose. Thanks for the review about their stuff because I might go back and try their gu or bars because I didn't realize they made them.

  8. Thanks for the full review! I didn't realize they offered so many products. I love that their are vegan! I'm not a full-fledged vegan, but I am a vegetarian and will always choose vegan when it's at all possible. I would especially like to try their gels!

  9. Never heard of it, I'll have to check it out. Were the bars super sweet? I can't stand "fake" sweet! I'd rather barely sweetened and natural flavor!

  10. I've seen lots of people posting about this lately. Will you keep using it after your supply runs out? How expensive is it? I'm not vegan so it's not a benefit for me but I could see how it would be really great for vegans who probably struggle to find stuff like this!

  11. I've never tried these before. I do like the fact that they are vegan, but it doesn't have to be. I do want things to be vegetarian though!


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