Friday, May 9, 2014

Favorites Friday

1. Running. Running is my favorite again.  I think running and I are starting to be friends again :) My foot is feeling good, my leg is feeling good, running is feeling good.  I will be doing my first run in forever tomorrow.  !!!! I haven't done a run since Ragnar Colorado.  I haven't done a non relay run in over a year.  It's time! I am a little excited about it.

2. The weather, it seemed like the longest winter EVER, so now I am neglecting my housework in favor on being outside as much as I can including yoga outside.

3.  I received an incredible discount code to Aventura so I couldn't resist using it to get some new clothes for summer and hold on to your hats because I got NON RUNNING clothes.  I got two skirts and two tanks.  I am in love with everything I got.
4.  I really love my SOL Republic Relays, I think they are my very favorite in ear head phones EVER, they stay in, are super comfy and I don't think a day goes by that I don't use them at least once.  So last night when I was going to bed and couldn't find them anywhere I was a little panicked.  I remembered this morning that I took them off outside yesterday while doing some yoga.

They were still there this morning.
and they work as awesome as ever.

5.  I am an ambassador for Gone For A Run so that means every other month or so I get to pick something out to review.  I labored over what to pick this month and settled on this medal hook hanger
In light of all the injuries I have dealt with the last year it is going to mean so much to me to hang a medal on this, and I love love love this saying already but to put the word run with it makes it even better.

6. Grape Cocogo.. so in love with this flavor.
If you want to try Cocogo or just want to order some more, you can use the code CHRISTYRUNS to get 40% of your order.  They also have some great bundle packs that are 10% off and you can get the 40% off on top of that, makes it a super great deal!  Check it out HERE

What are some of your favorites lately?


  1. I hope you have a great race this weekend! Hooray for non-running clothes! I haven't gotten anything non-workout in forever!

  2. YAY for Running again. It's funny how much we miss it once it's taken from us. Great for you for not getting workout clothes. I am too afraid to buy "normal" clothes online.

  3. Excellent! I hope your race goes great tomorrow! And I love all of your favorites!

  4. Your arms, your arms in that backbend are my favorite today.

  5. hey, i'm a new reader! love those skirts! i was jut thinking to myself that i need to get more skirts for summer. i have one and i over-wear it all the time cause i can't do pants when it's this hot and i don't like shorts...

    i've always wanted something to display my running bling, good choice!

  6. great job on that yoga stand!


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