Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week in Review, new scoots, and lots of running :)

Last week went pretty good, not as much cross training maybe as I wanted, but my bike has a destroyed tire so I need to get a new one.  Most happily running seems to be going good and I am feeling recovered from the Women's Run 5 mile last weekend.

here is how last week looked

Sunday         Yoga 20 minutes
                      Elliptical 60 minutes

Monday        7 mile easy run
                      Zuzkalight Summer Ab Series workout 1,
                      10 minute HIIT
                      Yoga 1 hour

Tuesday        30 minutes yoga in the morning

Wednesday   5 mile easy run
                     Zuzka Light Summer Ab series workout 2
                      20 minutes rowing

Thursday      Rest day

Friday       30 hour yoga with Colleen Saidman in the am
                 30 minutes power yoga with Zuzka Light after work
                 2 mile run while kids biked

Saturday 7.25 mile run

Runs: 21.25 miles over 4 runs
Rowing:  20 minutes in 1 session
Strength 2 (3 if you count the power yoga)
Yoga  4
Rest days 1
Elliptical 60 minutes in 1 session

Running is feeling good and that makes me one happy girl.  My goal for this coming week is to increase my long run to 8 miles.  I am working on writing up a training plan for the half marathon in July.  I have about 8 weeks left to train.  I know most plans only call for long runs of 10 miles but I much prefer to do longer than that. 

Yesterday we branded and since we weren't starting until after 7, I decided that I would just run there and my husband could pick me up along the way if need be.  I wanted to get in at least 4 or 5 miles, but I started so early I ended up running all the way to where we were branding and did 7.25 miles. 

It was such a beautiful morning and my legs felt good, I was feeling like I could run and run and run. I got sprinkled on a little, but I could not have asked for better running weather.

I had just recicedf a new pair of shoes to try out from Asic, the Gel Electro33s.  I am in love with the colors
although post run, they aren't quite so shiny.  I kind of like them with some mud on them, means I am running in them.

Cousins and a new friend
Daddies and daughters
My little cowboy was very excited to be riding a calf.
and being big enough to hold some by himself

and with Grandpa


  1. Awesome week! And that photo of the dads and their daughters is just precious!

  2. Ooh your new shoes are pretty. With and without the mud!

  3. It's great to see that you're able to run more now. Training for a half marathon sounds great. Have fun in your new shoes training for it!

  4. I really like the picture of the little pond.

  5. i always like to go a little longer to prep for a half as well. i am in the middle of an 8-week training plan that i made using runners world smart coach. it actually has me running 5 13-mile runs. now i'm thinking that i might stretch one of them into a 15 miler, just for kicks and giggles :)

  6. those asics are pretty! Are they a "neutral" shoe? Glad to hear the running continues to go well for you!

  7. YAY for happy running! Looks like the kiddos had fun with the calves, too.
    I, too, prefer a few runs beyond 10 for a half. I'm hoping that my current "plan" will lead to a PR at the end of the month (if the weather isn't too hot), and it included running 3 other halves leading up to the one at the end of the month. We shall see.

  8. Yay for happy miles!!! I just LOVE your pictures of your family and surroundings!!!

  9. Nice week!! Hoooray for running!!

    I love your ranch updates. I secretly want to move to Montana and just live on a ranch :D

  10. I'm so happy for you that running is going to well! Love all your ranch life photos :)

  11. Love the picture of your little cowboy riding that calf. So cute!

  12. Love the pics. Spring on the ranch is so fun and busy!

  13. Your shoes remind me of Easter eggs. ;o) Glad your running is going well again.

  14. Your son is definitely braver than me. That looks terrifying.


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