Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three Short Things

1.  The weather was beautiful out yesterday morning and yet I found I kept procrastinating about my run.  I finally decided that maybe I was tired of running the same boring routes out my door.  I loaded up Cola and we went down the road a bit and ran a little bit of a loop.  I was so glad we did.   I ran an easy 5 miles since this week is all about recovering from the Women's Run.

2. I went to a Montana Agri-Women fundraiser Tuesday night and while I didn't win anything I bid on in the silent auction I did buy a new t-shirt that I am in love with.  Not only is the design fun, but it is so soft.

3.  I just checked and the race pictures are still not posted.  Not a huge deal except they said the pictures would be posted yesterday.  A little annoying but I know they have a lot of pictures to sort through with over 8000 participants.

No race pics but how about some old corral pictures.  Looks so strong and sturdy in some places.
Falling into the creek in others.  I have some great memories of working cows here when I was younger.

Maybe the memories are so great because while the grownups were working cows us kids were playing in here.

although the old bunkhouse has seen better days too.


  1. That corral is awesome! I'm still fascinated with ranch living. I think I'd love it :)

  2. Love the shirt! I can't even imagine sorting through all those pictures but I would be like you biting at the bit to see them!

  3. Glad you changed up your route, it can make such a big difference:) Love all the ranch pics, what a life!

  4. I look at those pics and I see the real west there--so cool! Love the tee.

  5. That shirt looks comfy cozy!
    I hate when you expect pictures & they're not posted. Aggravating

  6. Wow loved the shirt picture then scrolled down to the corral pictures. Each one give a feeling of warm memories. Thank you for sharing. I also like your "Three Things Thursday" very cool!!

  7. i love that shirt! makes me want to live in montana :) so do the corral pictures!

  8. These corral photos are so pretty. Love how green and lush the grass looks

  9. What a beautiful pace to run!!! I'm not a huge runner but scenery like that inspires it!


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