Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week in review, running, no running, and a favorite run

Sunday  60 minutes elliptical
              45 minutes kettlebells with Zuzka Light kettlebell DVD
               20 minutes easy yoga

Monday   9.3 mile run
                30 minutes yoga

Tuesday    Zuzkalight summer abs series workout number 6

Wednesday. 20 minutes yoga
                     20 minutes HIIT 
                     was planning on running but for some reason both feet sore, so resting feet ! 😣

Thursday REST day.  Feet in so much pain, feel like I hobbled through the day at work. 

Friday     45 minutes yoga in the am

Saturday  5.5 mile run then another half mile with the kids while they biked
                 20 minute HIIT

Strength 4
Runs 14.8 miles in two runs (feet are feeling better)
Elliptical 60 minutes in one session
Yoga 4

I think the foot pain came from last Saturday when I ran to branding and then wore my boots the rest of the day for the next 9 hours.  My feet got a little sore during branding.  All my shoes from  pre baby are just slightly small and although these boots have never bothered me before, it is my best guess.  Happily the pain is better and doesn't bother me while running.  I just feel a twinge now and them during the day.

This last week has felt so busy, hence the lack of blogging.  The kids are now out of school for the summer and are pretty excited about that.

I will leave you with some pictures from a favorite run.

Monday I went on a run I hadn't done in awhile, mostly due to my injuries.  It is a tougher run and just over 9 miles out and back.   The first half is a lot of uphill and the second obviously more downhill.

I love it because it is up high and the views along the way are amazing.  Lots of wide open spaces, those big Montana skies, it is so good for the soul.

The first half mile or so feels straight up hill and is pretty killer on the legs, but once you get up on top it is pretty gradual the rest of the way through open fields and occasionally through grazing cattle.

This picture is about two and a half  miles into the run.
and now just over three miles in
one of my favorite parts about the run is here.  You run up this stretch of road and all you see is sky ahead of you, but I know the best part is about to come.(.at this point it is about 4.6 miles into the run)
and it does, soon this is my view and often I stop and just take in the view.  Right now it is all so green, I just can't get enough!
hello world
Lots of wildflowers in bloom along the way

I think it is one of Cola's favorite runs too.
This run always makes me a happy girl.
and on this day I got back to my Grandma's house (my starting point) just as a pan of cinnamon rolls was coming out of the oven  Talk about good timing!

I plan on doing this one again tomorrow.

What is your favorite route?  How was your week?


  1. Man! You cant stay away from pain! Sorry about your feet. Maybe they should make running shoe-boots ;)

  2. Out of school for the Summer already? Yikes. When do they go back?

    Love your pics and hope your feet feel good again soon!

  3. Where you live is so beautiful. I'm pretty jealous of your running routes. We have the ocean here, but nothing like your wide open spaces. Love it.

  4. i can see why you love that run so much!!! i really really miss having wide open spaces. i love that there is a trail through town for me to run on but there's nothing like getting away from everything and just connecting with nature. i'll just have to live through you :)

  5. Beautiful Big Sky Montana just doesn't look real! SO beautiful and the air looks so clean and pristine! Nice week! (other than the feet)

  6. That looks like such a gorgeous route! And I'm super jealous that your kids are done with school. We have three more weeks. My week was stupid and annoying because I work with idiots (referring to adults) but the weekend has been amazing!

  7. It's a shame when work gets in the way of the fun of life :)
    I'm glad your feet were feeling better by the end of the week!


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