Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mom, Reading Links, Field trip and Running

First of all Happy Birthday to my Momma today!  We both have to work today, but I did get to spend some time with her yesterday during the kindergarten field trips out to the ranch.  I have a really great picture of me and my mom but naturally I can't find it right now.
 My mom is the reason I went to college, I feel like our high school counselor did nothing compared to what my mom did getting me there.  My mom is the first one to volunteer to watch the kids so I can do races and even traveled to my first marathon with me. During high school she went to nearly every track meet and cross country run.

  She is pretty much the best mom ever and I have to admit it is only now that I am a mother that I can truly appreciate all that she did for us and she had four kids.  She is the reason I became an OR nurse, she was one many years until she started working in a plastic surgeons office.

I feel truly blessed to have such a great Mom.  Happy Birthday Momma!

  Every now and then I come across some really good links and I collected some of them here to share.

The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease
This is great and sad, that we were all duped by faulty research and so many people still believe all of this.  used to buy the Costco sized tubs of I Can't Believe its Not Butter.  Now I can't believe people still buy that.  It tastes nasty!

What you don't know about farms will stun you  I love this, as someone who grew up on a ranch it all seemed so ordinary, but as one of my readers commented lately
Whoa--sometimes I forget that ranching really happens. It seems like another world to me--a very lovely, idyllic other world. 
Only 2% of Americans are living on family farms and ranches, that is a lot of people who are removed from the food supply.

Farmland showing locations.  If you are curious about your food supply, watch this. It isn't a we want to shock and scare you kind of documentary. but a real look, an honest look at who grows your food and how they do it.  I really wish they would have this showing near me.  I think this is a great documentary that helps people get more in touch with the people who are growing crops and raising animals unlike Chipotle's negative spin on all of it just for the sales.

Also I ran 5.5 miles yesterday.  NO foot pain!  None.. yay!

and the kindergarten classes had field trips out to the ranch yesterday
Mrs Bradshaw is my daughter's kindergarten teacher and was my third grade teacher
Kids got horse back rides

They scared  played with my children's goats
Hid  from the rain under the horse trailor while mauling petting the kittens
It rained on us the whole time lightly for my daughter's class in the morning and heavier in the afternoon when my nephew's class was out, but it didn't slow down the kids any, they kept wanting more and more horse back rides and loved the roping lessons.

My momma cat did not like the commotion and I spent half an hour coaxing her back out from under the truck back into the carrier.  My dad didn't think he wanted a barn cat :)


  1. Happy birthday to your mom!!!
    I love that the kids went to your ranch for a field trip! How fun!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!! So great to be able to celebrate with her! Love the links to the articles, My husband and I were just discussing the WSJ article, amazing, I feel lied to, although for a long time I've questioned research because one day this is good the next it is bad, it all depends on who is paying for what and how much time and money has been invested... Farmland - I don't think people truly understand where our food comes from or what it takes. I get a glimpse into it, and experienced what it took to grow and raise what my family ate as I was growing up. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This post just made me smile. Your momma is beautiful and happy birthday to her! I so need to see this film. You know I was so detached from "farmlife" until I met David. He is a third generation farmer and one day will be running his family crop farm. And in talking to him and family friends, they have clear so many misconceptions I had about farming. Like the guy said in the trailer, they are not hiding anything-- but what do you want to know? I need to get David to watch this film.

  4. So fun that the kids got to come to your farm for a field trip! And I love that your daughter's teacher was your teacher as well, how cool is that?!

  5. What a fun field trip!! I am fascinated by the farm life, so thanks for those links. Happy birthday to your mom! I'm not sure #1 appreciates the race spectating yet, but maybe there's hope for her in the future ;)

  6. Your mom is beautiful--what amazing, young looking skin she has! Those sound like good reads/movie. I think Farmland showed here a couple of years back at our local "film feastival" that my RD friend organizes.

  7. Yay for no pain! I get seriously angry when faced with a butter substitute. One time all they had was that crap at Panera and I had to go to the counter and demand the real deal. It's nasty.

  8. How fun! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother... and great that you had such a long painless run. YAY!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom. Very cool about your daughter teacher and you.

  10. I so want to see Farmland. Like you, I grew up on a farm and have been around farming and ranching my whole life, so it makes me sad to know how huge the disconnect is for a lot of people. I've had fourteen-year-old kids write argumentative essays about things like GMOs and organic farming that are better informed than the articles I see on the Internet, and it's really frustrating to know that perception is a battle those kids will have to fight their whole lives if they want to stay in agriculture.

  11. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mum! I can really see her likeness in you,
    Plus - awesome news about your 5 mile run. Hopefully it is onwards and upwards from here!

  12. Thanks for the links! I've heard about the fat studies and I'm glad more people are learning about it, too. Happy birthday to your mom!


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