Sunday, May 11, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Sunday   50 minutes yoga from Athlete's Guide to Yoga
                 4.27 mile run ( no foot issues = happy girl)

Monday  25 minute strength  Zuzka Light Lifted Butt Series #11

Tuesday  30 minutes of yoga
               5.5 mile run
               18 minute HIIT with the rowing machine

Wednesday 40 minutes flow yoga

Thursday 6 mile run

Friday 60 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman
           1.5 mile run

Saturday Montana Women's Run 5 mile  37:08

Runs  20.17 miles over 5 runs   WOOHOO
Strength 2 (goal is 3, but since I had the run this weekend I wanted to ease up towards the end of the week)
Yoga 4
Rest days 0 (only doing easy yoga is a lot like a rest day though
No elliptical or cycling

So how did the run yesterday go?

Recap coming tomorrow, but I am happy.  Maybe, just maybe I am on my way back.

My next race that I am signed up for is a half marathon in July, but I am thinking I will add a 10k in June.  I just learned yesterday that there is a half marathon in Billings next weekend.  I am a little sad I am not in shape to run it, hopefully it goes good, because if it does, I am running it next year for sure!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere, hope all you mother runners get in a good run.   I wish I were, but am going to play it safe today and cross train.   I think I am a little paranoid about reinjury.

I am so blessed to have my little ones


  1. Your kids are adorable! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother' Day! I am glad your run went well and no foot pain. Here is praying for continued recovery.

  3. Happy Mother's day! I'm glad your race was great!! I say it's better to be paranoid about getting re-injured than to be over confidant just to get hurt again. Take it easy for a few weeks...keep running, but make it easy running to build your base again. NO INJURIES!!

  4. what an awesome week! i'm so happy that the foot continues to feel better. and now you're up to 6 miles running, yay!

  5. Great run!!!! You rocked it. You do have the cutest kids!


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