Thursday, September 18, 2014

The airport edition: Three Things Thursday

1. I am sitting at the airport and my flight doesn't board for another hour so why not do a three things Thursday? I sure hope I am not sitting close to the guy who keeps snorting boogers, cause that's annoying. In case you aren't up to speed here, I am flying to San Francisco for Ragnar Napa. I feel so blessed and happy to get to run for Team Beef Montana/The Montana Running Ranchers. It has been such a huge opportunity for me to travel, make amazing new friends and promote beef. I am so incredibly thankful for all of our sponsors and our team captains who make this happen.

2. My checked bag was exactly right on the dot 50 lbs. I will have a lot of room in my bags as soon as I get the 30lbs of jerky out of them. That's a lot of jerky in case you were wondering. Our team will be passing out the jerky along the way during the relay. I probably way overpacked, but I am packing for a relay and a vacation with my husband. 

I sent my little sister a lot of should I bring this outfit pictures
She approved of both of these.

3. Seriously if I have to sit next to the booger snorter I might have to put my earbuds in and rock out all the way to my next stop. I haven't flown in almost nine years. I was a little nervous going through  security. I didn't want to be the jerk who slowed the line down because they were clueless. Luckily I got here early and went through fairly fast. 

3.1 remember Runty, my special needs kitten? Still doing good and she found a snuggle buddy.

When is the last time you flew? Totally routine or not?

Ps I can't figure out how to link from this app on my phone but I do have two give giveaways going on!


  1. Enjoy your trip and relay!

    So glad Runty's doing well :) .

  2. i approve those outfits too! i love to fly, i flew home in august for a weekend and packed so many presents that i came home with an empty bag (i am going to be a first time aunty soon so i went OTT on gifts for the baby shower!)

  3. I always get stuck by snorting boogers guy in the airport. My husband works for a company based in Hawaii while we live in California, we fly A LOT!

    Have a great trip!

  4. Have so much fun!

    The last time I flew was to Boston for the marathon. I don't love flying, but I loved having that reason to do it!

  5. Have so much fun! The outfits look great. I fly several times each year, so it usually doesn't phase me. My kids have become pros, too, and took their first flight w/o us this year to visit their grandparents--yahoo!

  6. Just flew a couple days ago, from southern CA back to MT. I was on a fire assignment and it was 100 degrees there so now I'm freezing! Love the outfits.

  7. I love to fly. And if I sit next to someone I don't want to.. I pretend I am asleep or don't speak English very well! hahaha Have a great time. Love SF.

  8. Way to go Runty!!! I hate flying. My last flight was supposed to be earlier this month. The flight was cancelled. I didn't reschedule. Prior to that it was February to FLA. Ick...

    Can't wait to hear about Ragnar SF!!

  9. I was a flight attendant for 10 years but have not been on a plan in a few years.

    Have a great time at Ragnar!

  10. Oh, can't wait to read the next post on the race. 30lbs of jerky is a lot of jerky! And, I fly all the time. My personal pet peeves are the seat recliners, and the arm rest hogs.


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