Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. It is Thursday and I still haven't run.. ack!  Monday was okay since I wanted to rest after the half, I was hoping to get home from work in time on Tuesday or Wednesday to get in a quick run, but work has been crazy busy.  I did get in some yoga yesterday morning and that felt great.

Did I mention that the Bozeman marathon gave out socks that matched the shirts?

YAY!  My only complaint about this shirt is that it is white!  Whites do not stay white long with me.

2. I didn't stick around for awards after the half marathon, but I did email them to see if I did get anything for my age group award.  They were super awesome and mailed my award to me.  A jar of taffy and a jar of salted caramels.  All made in Montana. 
These may or may not have only lasted two days in my house even while hidden from everyone else.

3. Now I am on the countdown to Ragnar Napa.

Pretty much the same crew is going that went last year, I think only 2 of the guys are different.  
Did I mention I will be running across the Golden Gate Bridge?


  1. Love the socks that match the shirt!!! Socks are an awesome race giveaway and I don't see that often. Cool award too! Good luck on your relay that is going to be a pretty awesome leg Golden Gate Bridge, hopefully you get a race photo of that! :-)

  2. I am the same way about white shirts. When you run in them eventually they turn a weird shade of off-white/grayish that I just cant take away! And what an awesome price! :D

  3. I love the socks! That is the first time I have seen a race give those away. Running across the Golden Gate is on my bucket list. Have fun at Ragnar Napa!

  4. Congrats on your race prize! How fun!
    Running over the Golden Gate is the best. Good luck at Napa!

  5. Yeah, white doesn't stay white long with me either but nice to get them. I bet you are gonna love running across the Golden Gate Bridge!

  6. SOCKS! That's awesome!!!
    I love taffy. My fillings in my teeth do not.

  7. Man, I still need to do a relay! I'm eyeballing one of the Ragnar Trail relays or maybe the Wild West Relay in Colorado!

  8. I'm always in awe of runners and good luck with your next race! We have a Three Things Thursday link up we do every week and we'd love for you to join in! Here's the link:

  9. Ragnar Napa - running across the Golden Gate Bridge. How utterly awesome!!!

  10. saw the beef jerky you posted on instagram about passing out at Ragnar Napa... such a fun idea. Glad you are able to go back and knock "running across the golden gate bridge" off you list!


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