Sunday, September 14, 2014

Relay Packing Woes and a Runt

I took nearly a whole week off of running.  Partly because life was so busy and  I picked up an extra day of work last week and partly because I really felt like my body needed a small running break.  I didn't want to take too long though since I have a Ragnar Relay on the 19th!  Eeek!  Just saying that makes me a little stressed out about packing!

I was for some reason thinking I would get everything in a carry on.  I can already tell that isn't going to happen.  I am also taking enough jerky along to fill up my carry on.  and I mean completely full of jerky.  We are going to be handing it out during the relay.  So if you are running the Napa Ragnar and like jerky, look for Team Beef Montana/The Montana Running Ranchers.

This will be my third relay so I have the part down about packing for the relay, more or less it is that this year we are flying and previously we have always drove a big van with lots of room for pillow, blankets and other luggage.  Not sure how I will get a pillow and a blanket and all the jerky and all my things in a carry on.

I won't. 

I did start packing yesterday.

Oh wait.. did I forget to mention the part about how my husband is flying down to San Fransisco after the relay to meet up with me for a vacation, just the two of us?  That seems to be complicating my packing a little more.  I don't know why but I cannot spell Fransico. Francisco. (Wow.  Don't expect me to do that again, that was a struggle!)

I may try to have my husband bring down some things for me, but he only wants a carry on of course.  and what if he forgets my things?

This week will pass in a blur of work, kid functions and packing. (lil cowgirl started gymnastics and lil cowboy started flag football, husband birthday Monday, lil cowboy birthday treats to school Wednesday, Tuesday night Farm Bureau dinner I am supposed to talk at since they are a major Team Beef Montana sponsor for the relay, fly out Thursday morning. WHEW)

but really only four days until I leave!!!
PS meet Runty, her littermates are all twice as big as she is, hence the name Runty.

 She is a little fighter, but I do think she has some genetic issues as she has a shake, walks cross legged and has a very narrow head.  My little mama barn cat had 5 kittens and then disappeared when they were 5 weeks old.  so Runty is an orphan too.  but don't worry she gets lots of love around here and her own feeding dish since the others just push her out of the way. I think I have all her littermates given away, but we are keeping her.


  1. Have a great time with your Ragnar. And poor Runty, luck she has you all.

  2. Runty is adorable. I hope you and your cowboy have a wonderful time in San Fransisco. :)

  3. So much to think about when packing for a trip like this. And then add on that you will be extending your fun!! I have a hard time with Fran.... too (see I don't even finish the word here). :) What a beautiful time to be in Napa!! Good for for taking a few days off to recharge too! And Runty is so sweet...

  4. races mixed with vacations are always tricky and I have a feeling a relay makes it even trickier! Good luck packing :-) I know you have the running part down!


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