Monday, September 29, 2014

Winners and Fall Weather Running Complaints

Winners of the Build Your Running Body Book and Omron Electrotherapy Unit are posted on the giveaway posts and winners have been notified as well.  I do have some more fun giveaways coming soon including a pair of Asics Kayano 21s so if you didn't win the last giveaways there are more chances to win things coming up.

Fall running is so here!  I love fall running, the crispness of the morning air, the coolness of the morning air.  NOT being hot!

My only complaint is it brings a bit more indecision about what to wear!  Summer is so easy.. you know it's going to be hot so tanks and shorts are an easy decision.  As it gets cooler I tend to overdress since I despise being cold.  Running with the wind can feel warm and I find myself shedding a layer, but then turning around to run into the wind can be so cold and I want the extra layer again!

Shorts, capris, tights?!  I wore capris yesterday in the chilly 43 degree weather and found myself thinking shorts would have been enough, until I turned and ran into the wind.  I also was thinking the gloves and ear band was overkill until I turned and ran into the wind and my hands got really cold so I put on my gloves again.

I love the way cool weather runs often leave me feeling energized vs so drained  from hot weather runs, so really no complaints. Fall running is my favorite

Fall is also football season am I am happy to report my son's flag football team won their first game this weekend. They played good together and Cade had a great run for a first down and caught a two point conversion.


  1. I agree that Fall brings that uncertainty about what to wear! Plus this weekend it was 80 again...come on! I love Summer so much but now I'm ready for Fall!!

  2. I'm looking forward to cooler weather in Texas (maybe this weekend!) and your Asics Kayano 21 giveaway!

  3. I hear you. Yesterday for my little race it was super chilly and I kept thinking I should have worn capris but as soon as we started going up the hill, I was glad I wore short and a tank top.

  4. I LOVE running in the fall. I'm having to adjust my layers, too, though. I had a bunch of temperature-related guidelines when I lived in the Midwest, but I'm finding that without the humidity, I'm needing to revise those a bit. But...fall!!

  5. I am so not ready to talk about fall/winter running.

  6. I love the fall weather, but to be honest, I'm not a runner! I sometimes wish I were - I envy (in a good way) your sense of accomplishment after a race!


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