Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 5

1. 9 days until my next half marathon!  It feels so close and so far away still!  Yesterday was my last long run since I do them mid week, but it was cut a little short due to a meeting in town I had to go to, at this point though I know the hay is in the barn.  The work is done and now I just taper and relax, and run a little.

2. Tuesday I had a meeting after work, but between work and the meeting I had some time so I went to Costco and since I still had a little time after that I went for a run.  So different to run in town.  All the exhaust and watching for traffic!
I have to admit my legs were a little sore the next day from all the sidewalk running, but they are recovered now.

3. My coworkers at the meeting thought I looked like a rainforest in my INKnBURN monarch tee and leaf shorts.  Here I thought I looked like a butterfly.

4. My meeting yesterday was with the Montana Beef Council, two other Montana Running Ranchers and I had to go before the board to ask for funding for our relay team's next relay.  We are supported by Beef Checkoff dollars to help pay for our vans and entry fee,  For every beef cow sold $1 goes to the checkoff.  Those dollars are used for beef promotion like Team Beef runners, recipes, education and things like this.

5.  We all know core strength is so important for runners.  Yesterday I did some plank variations that I have to admit were pretty hard for me to hold for longer than 15 seconds.  Like this lateral plank with a leg lift.
and this one really kicked my butt, balance and strength!
What;s your favorite plank variation? What's your favorite way to strengthen your core? Me? I have to admit not planks!


  1. Those are some serious planks...! My favourite plank variation is when my two kiddos both sit on my back - can never keep it up for longer than 20 seconds, haha! :)

  2. My runs are always in town and on sidewalks some roads. Watching for traffic stinks sometimes I feel like they are just out to get me on purpose! Bet you'll do awesome in your upcoming Half!

  3. I learned that side plank variation in one of my 21 Day Fix DVDs. Yup it's tough - haven't seen the other... sorta like a birddog!

  4. I run on the sidewalks and the road all the time. I forget how that pounding can hurt if you're not used to it....

  5. I have always learned from your Team Beef information - you do a great job representing them. Love the butterfly shirt.


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