Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A runner sees a road.

I was going through my phone last night at gymnastics deleting old photos, bad shots, etc and I couldn't help but notice every time I came across a gravel or dirt road picture it made me want to run. I took this one on my run yesterday.  I couldn't help but wonder, do the pictures make me want to run because I run there or do the pictures make me want to run because I am a runner?

Probably both.

I think I could run for days just looking at this picture, it makes me miss spring and green.

I think my little dog loves looking down the road thinking of the joy about to come from the run too.

Even cold snowy roads make me want to run. I kind of really like snowy runs.

I was helping my son with his third grade math last night. His teacher had him erase the answers to problem numbers 2 and 3.  Unless my math is terrible (which it is not) he was right.
I asked him if she gave him any clues or if he was supposed to do something different and he had no clue. He was very frustrated and the homework as a whole left me aggravated. Should have been easy and it is, but either his teacher isn't understanding it or teaching to him in a way he understands or I don't get what they are doing.

Last I knew the sum was the total.

Three weeks into school and not impressed with his teacher already.  He has had nothing but amazing teachers so far and has so far been way above average in math so I know it isn't just him.  I wrote a note on the page saying he didn't understand and neither did I what was wrong and why he had to erase his answers, but Cade scribbled it out.

If they come back still wrong and he doesn't get why, I will be visiting with his teacher. If she can't help him I need to be able to.

Anyone else get the urge to run when they see a great place to run either in real life or in pictures? What you rather run in snowy weather or hot weather?  Snowy every time!


  1. I get that urge too! Whenever I see a beautiful picture of a road or a path, I think: This needs to be run!!

    So frustrating about the teacher - hope it gets better.

  2. I don't mind snowy runs at all... they are usually very peaceful since no one else likes them :)

    UGH on teachers that don't teach well... I think Math has gotten harder over the years. Glad I'm done with it.

  3. I would say he is correct. Math programs sometimes can be confusing in how they want the kids to tackle problems. It is the job of the teacher to communicate this effectively not only to her students but also the parents. Especially in third grade, if the students aren't clear and the parents haven't been shown the operations then it is not going to benefit anyone and will just lead to frustrations....OK I'll get off my effective teacher soapbox! When I see paths by the ocean or a bike path I totally want to just go explore!!

  4. The math problems are correct, I don't see any other answers possible, I am pretty good at math. Now english and writing suck for me. I do look at places and say "it would be fun to run there" The picures are beautiful. I would definitely be asking the teacher to show me how they got to a different answer.

  5. As a math teacher...sum is the answer to an addition problem. Ugh. This is frustrating. Why are these programs making it harder for kids and parents????? I don't have to do this crap at the HS level. I just have to deal with the poor kids that are beaten up by the horrible common core.

    I would email the teacher!

    And I think it's awesome he scribbled it out. I had a parent write a note on a paper I sent home. And underneath it, the student wrote "ignore her, she's crazy". I laughed when he gave it to me and said "dear, all moms are crazy!" :)

  6. Those photos make me want to run too!

    That teacher may not understand what she/he is teaching. Or there was a communication problem somewhere. I'd request a conference.

  7. As a special education teacher, it looks to me like they are learning or introducing order of operations - and his answers look correct! I wonder if it was as simple as she couldn't read his numbers? Although they looked clear enough to me!

    I always love your pictures!

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