Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Busy Tapering

1. Since I am tapering for the half marathon I am also not doing any strength type workouts from Monday on this week. You would think I would have a clean house and laundry all put away.  but nah, I went and had coffee with my Grandma yesterday morning, did an easy run, cleaned the kitchen and then took a nap yesterday.
I'm not going to lie, it felt pretty great. With the kids back in school my days off have been pretty busy with appointments in town, but finally not yesterday! Just a nice quiet lazy day. I did also make soup and get about 2/3 of the laundry put away.

It was cool enough out yesterday morning to finally break out my sweet INKnBURN robot capris.
I love the detail on them. I also got my daughter a matching pair.  She was super excited to have her own INKnBURN finally.

2. I found this assignment in my son't backpack.  They had to write about what they would do with the last hour of their life. (Talk about a dark subject for third grade!)
The sad face at the end kills me. Then I think about all those kids fleeing Syria, how uncertain their futures must feel, all the kids in war torn areas, all the kids growing up in intense poverty.  Ugh. My kid has is so good, but I still don't want him to do thinking about his last hour of life.

3. The very best thing about a run that is three miles up hill to start with on an out and back run?

The way back feels so good! I felt like I had so much energy at the end of my run yesterday! The skies were very grey yesterday and I started and ended my run in long sleeves.  I took my long sleeve shirt off for about half the run, but rain and a cool breeze had me sliding back into it!


  1. That assignment? For third grade? That's a little deep and dark...

    I"m glad you are enjoying your taper! I get to start mine next week...

  2. Yay for lazy days and naps! But you still did a lot! :-) Enjoy the taper... I love those tights and all their clothes I just wish it was more affordable but that's how I feel about most tri and running clothes so I guess I just better get over it! Wow that is a pretty hard assignment at such a young age and I too lose sleep over all those poor children I feel like we are so helpless and wish we could do something to help.

  3. Those tights are too cute!!! I would have been very upset if my son came home with that assignment. I do not want my child to think that negative. Maybe in high school that may be acceptable. Enjoy your taper!!!

  4. Naps rule! Your son's homework assignment, oh my, that is depressing, and in the context of 9/11 horrific. Wow. Good luck on the 1/2!

  5. Love the robot capris, obviously.

  6. LOVE your capris!

    Wow, that is a dark subject for such a young class.

  7. That is a bit deep for 3rd. Though the year I taught 3rd (2 yrs ago) we lost a classmate after her 5 year on and off battle with cancer, so we had a lot of deep discussions regarding life and death throughout the year. This may have actually fit well.

    I always love seeing where you run! I'm hoping to hit the trails in another month. My vicious cold has halted my running come back.

  8. I'm glad you mentioned those capris cus I was admiring them thinking they looked so mechanical!
    I actually had that same writing assignment when I was a freshmen in college. I don't remember many of my assignments but I remembered that one because it was so dark and sad. My professor made us write in a journal and years later after I had graduated I remember reading it again and I was even sad then. For third graders that assignment is just wrong!


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