Monday, September 28, 2015

#MotivateMe Monday Deciding What's Next

I am a week out from my last half marathon.  My hamstrings were very tight in the days following the half marathon and to top it off I got a pretty good cold.  I think the cold was coming on before the half marathon as I remember feeling very fatigued and headachy in the days before.  It came on full after the half and I was very miserable for most of the week.

I did try to run on Wednesday, but between no energy and my hamstrings so sore I decided it was no fun and went home.
A failed run day, but that's okay. 
I didn't try again until Saturday!  I whole week of nothing except gentle stretching! Saturday my hamstrings, especially my right one still felt tight, but 80% improved and Sunday they felt even better.  I got in a easy 5.5 miles Saturday and 7.1 on Sunday.
A successful run day. YAY!

This week my plan is to continue easy running and try a long run Thursday, but if my body isn't ready I will abort.  I was planning on a half marathon in October, I haven't signed up yet and have to admit to not being super excited about it, so I may not sign up at all.   I may do a shorter race instead.

here is my tentative plan for the week

Monday: Easy run 6-8 miles, Yoga
Tuesday: HIIT bodyweight workout
Wednesday: 5 miles, yoga
Thursday: 10-12 mile long run if my legs feel like it, if not, cut it short
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 7 miles with fartleks
Sunday: 5 miles easy.  Horseback riding. (moving cows home from summer pasture)

We had clouds last night and I missed the blood super moon won't happen again for 17 years eclipse, but I did get this picture before the sun went down, I loved the horse on the horizon.

I am linking up this week with, & t for a weekly linkup they host
A weekly linkup on Mondays for you to share your weekly fitness plans and meal plans #MotivateMe

What's on your fitness, or nutrition plan for this week? Share your post and support each other!


  1. Thought about you as we drove north through Billings! I was like, "Will, I know someone up here! Well, kinda know them..." :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! It sounds like your body needed that rest after the half marathon. You have a great training plan, I hope you have a great week!

  3. Glad you are feeling better!!! That is a beautiful picture of the sunset. It was cloudy here in Memphis as well and I did not get to see it. I have a couple planned runs if my leg will cooperate. Have a great day

  4. It's hard but good to listen to your body!! I was trying to explain to my daughter how old she would be when the next supermoon came...blew her mind! Lol!!

  5. Good for you listening to your body & knowing when its ready & not ready to jump back in to those long runs.

  6. That is a fabulous picture! I am glad you are feeling better and getting the rest you needed!

  7. Great picture!

    I'm on week 11 of 16 of marathon training. I have a 25k race on Sunday, not sure how fast I'll shoot for. It'll be a PR no matter what since I've never raced that distance.

  8. I missed the blood moon too. It was super cloudy in Denver also.

  9. I love your picture! I missed the blood moon too. Too many trees!


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