Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. The weather is supposed to cool off a bit starting today.  That didn't help me with my long run yesterday though.  I had to get the kids on the bus before I could run.  By the time I got them on the bus and my stuff together it was 8.  Eeek and already almost 80 degrees! I mentally prepared for a hot one and set off down the road.

2. I made sure to run by several water tanks for Cola to hydrate at, which I think he really appreciated.  It also gives me a chance to stop since he won't drink if I don't stop.
This was about 6 miles into my run... and also where I discovered that somewhere along the way one of my water bottles had fallen out of my hydration belt.  It was the full one of course.  So here I was, nearly out of water, 6 more miles to go, roasting, suffering from cotton mouth.  You see any stores here?
Yeah, me either.  I decided to call at a 10 mile long run and headed back to my car. It wasn't just the water and heat issue, I had some super tired legs as well.  They just didn't want to run.  I decided they were telling me something.

3. I ran into my dad who was out harrowing the field, so he stopped to get a hug and have a chat. 

As soon as I got home I of course took a selfie and then turned in the hose and hosed my legs down with cold water. It felt divine. And then I think I drank nearly a half gallon of water! I was thirsty!


  1. Cola is a great running pal! Did you find the lost water bottle?

  2. I just love your pictures! I know I always say that, but what a great place to live!

  3. Love that hug story and the passed out selfie!!

  4. That is so sweet to hug and talk to your dad, makes me miss mine!!! The heat has been brutal this year, I'm in Tennessee and it has been close to 100 all week. I'd rather have heat than cold. Have a great day.


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