Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

We started out Labor Day weekend by preconditioning the last set of cows and their calves, which basically means the calves get some vaccinations and a vitamin shot.  It was a beautiful morning for a ride and the cows moved easy.
My son is getting so comfortable on his horse and likes to put him through his paces. Pepper is a fabulous horse for him.
After we were done I changed out of my cowgirl gear and into my running gear and ran back to the horse trailer.  It was a slightly uphill 3 miles, but felt pretty good.

My capris are actually on backwards in this picture. I didn't notice until later.
We got home, showered and took off for a wedding in Thermopolis, WY where basically the only picture I took was of my little cowboy and his new friend.
Sunday we went to the dinosaur museum in Thermop and out to the dig site as well.  Big fail here and I took no pictures.  We had a great time though, then got in the car and drove home.  I could have ran once we got home, but napping seemed more important.

I did run yesterday though,  I did a 7 mile progressive run and then tacked on half a mile of strides at the end.
How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was pretty great overall, I always have Mondays off so it kind of felt like just another weekend.   Also  YAY it's football season!


  1. So excited for football season especially since we have our QB back!!! Sounds like a great weekend! Those are some awesome pants backwards or not!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and your weather is holding nicely! Love the pic of you.

  3. What a beautiful horse!!!
    Love your running outfit - you look like a pro :)

  4. Your kids are just too darned cute!!
    I'm pretty excited for football season, but a little nervous since my 5th grader is playing his fist year of tackle...
    Great running, there, Christy! That's a speedy 7 miler!

  5. Awesome run, and the gear is super sleek. I would love to farm, I grew up in Pennsylvania where we lived close to a farm. I used to go work there for fun..

  6. Good thing Those InkNBurn tights look good frontwards and backwards! Looks like you had a great week! Also, we are SO EXCITED in our house that football season has started!

  7. Great run! I'm looking forward to football starting up too!

  8. Fun pics! Progression runs - one of my favorites!


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