Sunday, September 13, 2015

Listening to Myself from 4 years Ago

Honestly beyond the fact that I am running a half marathon next weekend I haven't given a lot of thought to goals.  I haven't really followed a set plan. I am having some guilty feelings about running it on my son's birthday.  It's local so it isn't like I won't be here for his birthday.  

I have run this half twice before with the following results.

  •  2010: 1:41: 23 6th in Age Group
  •  2011: 1:37:06, 2nd in age group, 9th overall (this still stands as my PR)
I won't lie, it's a fast course, it has a downhill start and is either slightly downhill or flat the whole way.  I think there are maybe two slight hills.

As I was running yesterday I was busy questioning my state of running.  Will the half next weekend be a struggle?

I think Cola is saying "Don't worry mom you got this"

I don't expect a PR, I just don't think I am there, but I would like a fast time! I hate that right now I am second guessing where I am at with my running.  So it was a great time for me to read an old post of mine.  

I LOVE that I wrote this (I underlined my favorite parts)
 I do believe in my abilities and just have to trust in my body that it will be performing its best. I have done my training, I am amazing and I know I can do this.  I know some days the energy is there and others it is not.  I don't want to sound negative, but I do know that sometimes when I race my body feels on top of the world and other times I feel like I am fighting for every step. Even though I still do great it feels harder on some days than others.  Mentally I am going to believe it is going to be a Superwoman kind of day and if it isn't I will deal with that later.  
 I will employ the same strategy I did in the last two half marathons of starting out slightly slower than goal pace and picking it up as I go.  I will hydrate well and use my energy gels at miles 5 and 10.  I will pee eight times before the start of the race and I will try to take time to enjoy the moment. I will remember I am strong, amazing, and love what I am doing.  

I also found a great article at about pre race jitters and two of the points discussed hit the nail on the head for me so I am going to share them with you the rest of the article can no longer be found :(
 I highlighted the parts that really spoke to me. I do recommend reading the rest of it too.  


It's the week of our race, and the realization hits: Everything I've done to prepare for this race is wrong!

We're convinced we should have run more distance. Or more intervals. Or a long tempo run. Or hills. Or rested more. Or something. Anything!

Relax. Workouts overlap in their training effect. Mile repeats will tap the same muscles and energy systems as a tempo run. Hill repeats will buoy your "speed" every bit as well as a good set of quarters. And a long run with hills will work just about everything. So even if your training wasn't perfect, chances are good that you're fit to race.

Recently, a runner I coach phoned me three days before a half marathon. He was concerned that he'd run less volume and shorter tempos than some of his friends. I told him what I always tell my athletes: The training we scheduled was the training you needed. He calmed down. And then he set a PR by 11 minutes.


The race is almost upon us, and we doubt our fitness. The answer seems clear: Run a time trial or all-out interval session to test our conditioning.

Stop. Do not pass go. Testing our race readiness will not improve our fitness, but it will deplete the resources we have available for the actual race.

This is the difference between a race and a workout: A race is a 100 percent effort, and a workout is not. As far as our bodies are concerned, a 100 percent effort during a time trial or workout is a race. It results in the same energy depletion, muscle inflammation, and psychological fatigue.

Trust the fitness you have. Don't waste it on a workout. 

Do you ever read back on your own advice and get an unexpected pick me up?  Thanks to TimeHop for sending me this one today!  The whole original post can be found HERE.   It is titled Channeling My Inner Superwoman.  I freaking love myself.  High five Christy from 4 years ago! and from Cola too
Anyone else racing next weekend? Do you second guess yourself?


  1. I spent most of yesterday's long run second guessing myself because it was awful. I just finished week 8 of 16 for marathon #4. I went back and looked at my previous long runs - this was the first one that didn't go well. It's easy to think everything is wrong when it's really just one run.

  2. I love this!!! What timing! I love what you wrote 4 years ago and I love the article you found. It sounds like you got the mental boost you needed and you know you've done the go out there and get after it! And happy birthday to your boy :)

  3. I ALWAYS doubt myself. No matter how much I improve in training. I think it is natural especially when you want a PR or to win a medal. You will crush that race and then look back and wonder why you doubted yourself. Have a great day

  4. I had a really really tough half today that was supposed to be a training run. I did want to do it at MP but one thing I didn't count on was the hills. This was one of the hilliest halfs I've run, and It took me 100% effort to finish it. I got my MP but I was trashed at the finish line. Luckily, once I recovered I felt really good, and I credit that to my coach and my training.

    During the race tho, I really beat myself up mentally. I need to work on turning that around. I'm heading over to read your post. I could use some positive affirmations!

  5. The worst part of a race is the week and especially the day before it!! Taper sucks and makes you overthink, especially since you are not running to burn it off. The last day is full of second guessing...and then the morning of, I feel like I have to pee 10 times before the race. And then we're off!!! And....everything is fine. You know you will be fine; just trust your training!

  6. I loved reading your own words and the article that followed. I can look back at my own 'only' half and see that I wasted too much in my training. Have a great race weekend and enjoy the birthday celebrations too! Sounds like a fun time coming up.


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