Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Year, Same Old Me!

The whole new year a new you always annoys me a bit.  You aren't going to be a whole new you just because the calendar moved another day forward into a new year.  Is it even realistic to expect the way you have been to just change over night?  I can't buy into that.  I can be a better me, but let's face it, I am 38 years old and at this point I am pretty happy with the way things are. That doesn't mean I don't have room for improvement because I do. It just means I don't want a new me. 
I am not going to set any resolutions.
I have goals of course. Like running three half marathons, doing speed work once a week, etc, but I haven't got them all down yet. It seems like the end of the year was so crazy I just didn't have the time or energy to get them wrote down.

I do have a phrase I found that I love "Find joy in the journey"  Usually finding joy isn't hard for me. I have two wonderful children, that make my clean house messy in less than 5 minutes and I live in beautiful surroundings.  I consider myself a glass half full and is about to be refilled kind of person... usually. Till things aren't going my way of course and then I have to remind myself to find joy in the moment and that no one but me controls my own attitude.  

I started out the new year just how I ended it.. with a run of course.  Although I admit my run on the 31st was a struggle and the run on the 1st was a breeze.  I feel like that is starting 2016 on the right foot for sure!

of course the run on the 3`1st may have been a struggle since it was on a road that was completely drifted over and the wind was super brutal.
I had made the decision last fall to not always take the easy route on my runs and this run for sure was not the easy route, it would have been easier with cross country skis or snow shoes! The snow was ankle deep and I struggled the whole way. 

What is a goal you set for the new year?  New year, new you or same old you?


  1. I'm the same old me, too. Not making I feel they are foolish. No one ever follows through. I just focus on one day at at time --- living life to it's fullest!

  2. That's a pretty good pace for running in those conditions!

    I'm the same old me too. But I love that so many of us are talking about joy and running joyfully. That's a great intention for the new year!

  3. AMEN to your whole first paragraph - I share EXACTLY the same sentiment. If I see the heading "New Year, New You" in a magazine one more time, I'm going to scream! :)

  4. Same here. No resolutions. I will put some goals in place, but I am very happy with where I am and where my family is. That is the bottom line. Happy New Year!

  5. I'm a goal setter, and I admit to setting yearly ones at the beginning of the year. I think because I'm an academic that I do feel like I get a pretty significant shake-up of my routine and a big sense of starting over in a lot of ways with each new semester.

    I don't mind running in some snow (wish that we had a bit here right now) but ice (too much currently) is where I usually draw the line.


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