Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Things Thursday; Half a half plan

1. I know its January 14th and still months away from spring, but I have to admit the weather temps that were in the low 40s yesterday have me dreaming of spring and green and wearing shorts and tanks out to run.

2. 57 days and 22 hours until my next half marathon.  My longest run lately has been 9 miles.  I feel pretty good about things so far, except I haven't done much if any speed training and am not feeling real real motivated to get on it, which means I should pull up my old half marathon training plan, tweak it to fit this one and get on it!   I do of course have vague time goals in mind. 

The first three miles of this race are slightly uphill so my plan for this is to run lots of hills during my long runs. I actually have been doing this all winter and fall. In fact many of my runs are mostly uphill for the first half and down for the second.  There is also a bad hill at mile 9/10 ish I think so I need to work on adding a hill towards the end of my runs when I am tired.   The rest of this race is down hill.

So I think continuing to train with a mostly uphill out and a downhill back will be good. 

3. That said today is long run day and it is supposed to be a windy mess of a day out there.  I didn't win the lottery last night so I guess I will have to take it outside and suffer in the wind.  My little dog doesn't want me to get a treadmill anyway.

Who can say no to that face?!


  1. Temps in the 40's in So Cal means we are cold and in the middle of winter!! I love the cool temps but it's such a difference from our norm.

  2. YOu are much hardier than I am!! Temps in the 40s is definitely NOT tank and shorts weather for me!!! haha!

  3. I was wearing shorts/tanks when it was in the 40's here a few weeks ago. I've switched to running before work, so it's back to long sleeves and tights.

  4. Who could say no to that face? LOL.

    99 days until Big Sur. I've got my plan all worked out BUT how am I going to get those uphills and downhills done? Snow go away...

  5. Your dog is adorable, I couldn't say no to that look either.

  6. Your running partner is so adorable! It is a mushy, icy mess out here right now, so I met a girlfriend at the gym for side-by-side treadmill action this morning. I hope the wind wasn't too bad for you!

  7. Love that picture of Cola. What a sweetie he is!

  8. It has been so mild here too! I went out to run at lunch and came back holding my hat and gloves!! Too warm!!


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