Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three Things Thursday: Making the Most of it

1. Yesterday was long run day.  It was also a windy snowy day. Ergh.  Last week my long run was on a cold windy day over snow covered roads too.  I seem to be picking the wrong day for my long run! Today is supposed to be sunny and nice. Naturally I have to work.

2. I am trying to do a yoga challenge with Fit Approach, but have been a little inconsistent with it. Unlike most of the other challenges I have done, they don't post the whole thing ahead of time, they do it daily and then I don't always remember to check.  I have done a few of them.

3.  I think I like my new windy day long run plan.  I start out running into the wind for several miles (yesterday I did 3.5) and then instead of doing the whole 3.5 back into the wind I did into the wind for half to three quarters of a mile and then turned around and ran with the wind for a quarter to half a mile, sometimes more. In the end I was back at my car with 12.18 miles done. Mentally it was nice to know I would get a break from the snow (rain at the end) being blown into my face making it hard to see.

See what a gloomy day this was?! and this was a break in the snow.
How about a sunnier picture to leave you with.


  1. Jealous! We have this bizarre long stretch of 50 degree temps and while I realize most people would love that, I want a blizzard! :)

  2. A fun fact about Cape Cod is that it is always windy...I guess that's what you get being stuck out into the ocean! It's great in the summer when we get a break from the heat but lately the wind has been BRUTAL!!! I really need to get some sun glasses to block the wind since my eyes get so teary!

  3. I also tend to do a lot better with challenges (or other things in life) if I can plan in advance and don't have to remember to check daily. That last photo is fantastic!

  4. The photos are so beautiful. How are you able to run in the snow? I can't do it

  5. Not a fan of running into the wind at all! Your pics are lovely as always!


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