Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Currently I am:
  • Watching Downton Abbey.  I started with Season 1 and am almost through Season 5 and yes I am also watching the new episodes of Season 6 as they come out. I am sad this will be the final season. My husband isn't into it at all, but I didn't expect him to be. It's been my laundry folding and cooking distraction and it makes me happy. I had seen it all before, but with the final season coming out I wanted to watch it all from the beginning. Yay for Amazon Prime!
  • hoping I like my new Orange Mud hydration vest.  I picked one up on a killer deal before Christmas with the hopes that I can carry water in one side and bear spray in the other this year.  I have ran with it twice now and think I will really like it.  I am worried about rubbing and chaffing in the front of my arm when the weather warms up and I am able to wear tanks again. 
HydraQuiver Hydration Pack, Black, Double Barrel
I really wanted the orange one, but the one with the deal was pink...it's pretty too.
  •  Still in love with Inknburn and  they just released a fun new kit.  I am pretty excited to get these "denum" capris that are made with technical fabric and this gorgeous bright shirt.
     INKnBURN Women's Rose Capris Left Side with Waistband folded down.INKnBURN Women's Rose Tech Shirt Front
 This time of year I need a little brightness!

  • I am reading The Rosie Project, a book I got for my birthday, but just finally picked up! It is a very funny and quirky story about a man with social problems (think Asperger's type symptoms) looking for a wife and finding love where he least expected it.
  • I am running in several pairs of shoes right now.. one that I really love are my Altra Torins.  This is the fourth pair of Altra Torins I have had and I can easily foresee more in my future.

  • Training for a half marathon. Running overall is going good, my long run will be 12 miles this week and my half isn't for another 52 days and 22 hours.  I like to get in a couple 13 and at least one 14 before a half.  I also have two cut back weeks planned in.  Speed work is really hit and miss as the roads have been snow packed and hard to get any good traction on for speed so I run fast when I can and slow down when I need too, sort of like fartleks.
  • I am using some Zuzka Light dvds for cross training. I would link to them, but I don't think you can buy them anymore, so no point.  They use a HIIT type format and weights and kick my butt three times a week. 


  1. I absolutely adore downton abbey! and I am so sad its coming to an end :( My first 21km for this year is on 21 Feb, so I am currently working through a training plan to prep for it! good luck with your training!

  2. THOSE PANTS!!!!! I just love all the fun looks that are out now

    I'm so sad we're nearing the end of Downton... I love my Crawley family!

  3. Love the Altras!! I started using the Pradigm and just love them!!

  4. I love those capris and that shirt! So cute!

  5. I love all the InkNBurn! But my bank account? Not so much... I may need to splurge on that shirt.

  6. oooh nooooo
    I love me some all things INKNBURN as well.


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