Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Friday Favorites

Here are some things that I am loving lately:

1. Decluttering!  I am getting rid of loads of things I don't use.  Seriously I had 6 spatulas in the kitchen, and 23 pot holders, not to mention 2 microwaves, one that hadn't worked for over two years. My kids don't know this, but their rooms are next.  They have a horrific amount of toys that never get played with anymore and I am sure loads of clothes that are outgrown. My kids favorite thing about this all has so far been the new microwave box.

2. Yoga. Yep still loving it and getting in at least 4 times a week.  To prevent boredom with the videos I have I supplement with the free ones I find on Youtube, although sometimes there is something comforting about going with a known one. These are the ones I have at home.  I really like all of them.  It is a nice variety of easy slow stretchy yoga and give you a workout kind of yoga.

3. Vikings. I don't have the History channel so I missed the first season and the start of the second, but I can watch some of the episodes on my iPad using the History channel app.  YAY. This is my sister's fault.  A lot of things I get hooked on like this are her fault.  Game of Thrones in another I can blame on her.  She gave me the books 7 years ago and I am still obsessed with it. She told me to also watch CW's Reign but I saw the previews and KNEW I would love it, I just can't take on another obsession right now.  Maybe next week.
yes this deserves to be supersized.  

4. I picked this up at Costco recently and have been trying to squeeze in 30 minutes of reading before bed.  Doesn't always work, but if I pick it up during the day I know I will get nothing else done that I should be doing.
I have read some of Philipa Gregory's other books and loved them all so I knew this would be a winner too.

5. Spring!  It is so nice to not be freezing everytime I go outside.  I can't wait for flowers and green and trees to have leaves.  It is so nice that the kids want to be outside all the time and are loving their bikes, they also deleted all their games off of the iPad so they "have to use their imaginations more"  I love that they thought of that.


  1. I'm freaking in LOVE with Spring! Of course, my allergies haven't started acting up yet. I may feel differently in a couple of weeks :-P

    23 pot holders?! I have two and have been thinking I need more! Where were all those things stored?

  2. I have been watching season 2 of the Vikings too and love it but it is on late here and I usually fall asleep the last 10 minutes!

  3. VIKINGS! We just started watching season one on Amazon Prime, and wow. Just wow. So good. And so many cute guys.

    I think I need a moment of silence.

    I can't believe you have so many pot holders - I'm almost jealous. We have TWO. I actually asked for some for my birthday because I'm a nerd like that.

  4. I THINK that's the book I have from her that I can't get into which really upsets me because I love all her other books! I saw the commercial for Reign too and it looks good, I might have to give it a try.

  5. LOL... You are so funny and Ragnar deserves to be supersized! So David (my fiance) is of Norwegian descent and he calls Vikings my "training videos" on how to be a proper shield maiden wife who can protect the homestead-- can you see why I sometimes wonder why I'm marrying him? ;) And Reign YOU WILL LOVE IT! It is awesome. Another obsession of mine. :)

  6. We decluttered the crap out of the house before finishing the basement. It was glorious. I still feel like we have too much stuff, but it's better than it was before for sure.


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