Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Blogiversary to me and last week in review

SUNDAY           62 minutes elliptical
                           30 minute yoga Runner's World
                           10 minute AMRAP

MONDAY         44 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman
                             2 mile run felt good
                              1 mile with the kids on their bikes  not good

TUESDAY         21 minutes rowing
                           28 minute HIIT  included Zuzkas lifted butt #2

WEDNESDAY   35 minutes yoga

THURSDAY       63 minutes elliptical

FRIDAY             65 minutes elliptical
                            20 minute AMRAP
                            45 minutes yoga

SATURDAY       20 minutes rowing

yoga 4
run 1
elliptical 189 minutes in 3 sessions
strength 3
rowing 2
cycling 0

A pretty good week other than...not a lot of running and my foot acting up. I did get a lot of work done in my flower beds and we got a timely rain over the weekend which will really make our hay crop grow.  I love spring.  I have an appointment on Tuesday with a foot and ankle specialist so hopefully something there will shed some light on the situation. 

It is so green and beautiful out, I really want to be out in the hills running! Not sure why the photo looks so technicolor.

I want to run so badly and with my foot not hurting it is hard to not run, however after I month of this resting only for it to hurt 2 miles into a run I admit to being a little hesitant to run.  I had toyed with running today before I go to my appointment tomorrow, but have decided not to.  I will instead see what she has to say and give my foot another couple days of rest from running.

and that is my week!   Yesterday was Peaks to Prairie and I as so sad to be missing it, however it did snow where the run part was at least 3 inches of slushy snow covered the roads and they had to delay the start a bit, so that helped make me feel better about missing it, if I have to miss it!

Also I just realized yesterday was the three year anniversary of my blog.  You would think I would have some big giveaway or something.. sorry no.  Not that organized apparently.  I do have a giveaway in the near future does that count?


  1. I'm sorry that your foot is still giving you a lot of trouble. I think a trip to the doc hopefully will shed some light on why! Snow does soften the blow of missing a race!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Also, I really hope the doc has real answers for you about your foot!! It seems like you've been trying to figure this out for forever.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get some answers from your doc. And happy blog birthday! I had a blog birthday yesterday too :)

  4. Happy blogiversary! Fingers crossed the doc can get to the bottom of your foot pain.

  5. Happy blogiversary! Yucky weather definitely makes it easier to miss a race;) Hope you get some answers at your appt.:)

  6. Aw, happy blogiversary!

    I agree, I try to take advantage of the green hills while they stick around, but with the temps hitting 90+ this week, I'll probably take the wuss way out and treadmill.

    Hope the appointment gets you some answers on that foot!

  7. I hope you are able to figure out your foot issue soon! I know how horrible that middle ground can be.

  8. Wishing good things for your appointment tomorrow. Happy belated blog anniversary. I think I just missed my own as well for both blogs. :)

  9. Nice green grass! The trees are starting to turn golden here.
    I really hope the specialist can solve your foot issue - and soon!
    Happy blogiversary!

  10. Happy Blogiversary. You are doing a great job staying super active in spite of not being able to run. I love that pic of the sky!

  11. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! Way to go on a great week, despite the downer of your foot hurting. And of course - Happy Blogiversary! Glad you continue to write after three years!

  12. Happy blogiversary!! I just recently found your blog but I love it, so I'm glad you've kept it up for three years. Good luck at the doctor. I hope you get some happy news!

  13. Congrats on your blogiversary! That is awesome! Keep up the good work. Seems like you had a great week of training, you are destined for some good things soon. Hopefully all goes well at the doctors, it is good you are staying on top of your health :)


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