Wednesday, April 30, 2014

With a Grateful Heart

Alright, sorry guys, I am going to talk bladder infections today so if this is TMI you can run away now.  I am a nurse so these kinds of things are interesting to me, plus I have a great tip for anyone else who might suffer from a UTI.

Yesterday wasn't really the best day ever.  I had gone to bed knowing a bladder infection was coming on.  Desperately I searched the Internet for home remedies to at least alleviate some of the symptoms until I went to work and could get a prescription for some antibiotics. (note: I am not a person who just runs for antibiotics at the drop of a hat, but past experience has taught me sometimes they are worth it for this)  If you have ever had a bladder infection you know how miserable they are.  We live out of town and since it wasn't an emergency I hate to make a trip into town for something that can wait until the next day.

 (Tip alert) I learned 1 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water can help as well as drinking warm water with lemon and honey, or honey and cinnamon.  So I had a glass of very warm water with half a lemon squeezed in,  1 tsp of baking soda, a tsp of honey and a dash of cinnamon.  My kids laughed as I gagged it down, but it really did help.

In the morning as I was getting ready for work I gagged down some more, but with only 1/2 a tsp of baking soda this time (not as effective if you are curious but much more palatable.).  As soon as I got to work I discovered I had a student.

Let's back up the bus here and talk about how I DID NOT DRINK ANY COFFEE in the morning because caffeine is a bladder irritant. So you can guess I was crabby, edgy, and uncomfortable with the bladder thing going on and no coffee

I was chugging a lot of water with lemon. I just couldn't handle anymore baking soda and I was worried it would have weird side effects, so I was wanting to run to the bathroom a lot.  Not a great combination to be putting me in a great mood to teach or work.

I had some equipment issues and got a little crankier. Thankfully I was working with a PA friend of mine and I texted him and told him if he wanted the day to go nicely he should call me over some antibiotics. He did.  I ran across the street to the hospital pharmacy on my morning break to get them and discovered he not only called over antibiotics, but also phenazopyridine.

I nearly cried.  Suddenly I was so grateful that if I had to suffer through a bladder infection at least I had friends who could save me the time, money and effort of going to the walk in clinic for them to tell me what I already know and he would be so thoughtful to add in the extra bit.

If you don't know what phenazopyridine is, it also goes by Azo, Pyridium, Uristat.. it numbs the painful symptoms of a bladder infection.  Can you hear the choir singing, I was pretty sure I could.

I downed my pills as I was speed walking back to work and when I got to the lounge there were huge frosted cinnamon rolls.  (Cue more choir singing.) Yes I ate one.

I hurried off after work to my foot appointment only to discover there was a communication snafu and my appointment wasn't even until Thursday.  Super annoying since I had to leave work 10 minutes early for this. Dr. Tan wasn't even in the office yesterday so they couldn't even try to squeeze me in her schedule.  Eeek, I hate things like that.

Anyway let's get to the grateful heart part (you are probably wondering by now where that comes in, or maybe you forgot all about it by now)  I saw the quote

"Start each day with a grateful heart"

on my Instagram feeds this morning and instantly I thought of how grateful I was today to be feeling better and well enough to at least do all the cross training I want.  I may not be able to run, but at least I can still stay active. I was grateful for friends who are thoughtful and a beautiful spring day. This list could go on all day.

I am in week 5 of Zuzka Lights 10 week arm balance challenge and was happy to get this one

going both ways.  although my entry into it is not as graceful as other videos I have seen of it, but progress is just that and I am grateful I have a body that can do these things.
I still can't get firefly or flying pigeon to fly, but I do continue to work on them. I can't wait to see what the next challenge is.

I posted this picture on Facebook last night
and within minutes had homes for all four kittens we have.  Seriously though are these not the prettiest little kittens ever?  Even better they are super sweet. When I say homes for all four kittens I mean we are keeping one of them, the kids were crying at the thought of even giving away three.

Quick.. what are you grateful for today?


  1. Hope you are feeling better:) Those kittens are so cute! I have to hold myself back from getting a kitten all the time ever since our 17 year old cat passed. I am grateful for the beautiful sunny weather we are finally having here in WA:)

  2. Feel better! Today I am grateful for my husband who took my car for its annual inspection so that I could get my work done.

  3. I feel your pain, UTI's suck!! Awesome you have friends that can help you out in a bind! Those kittens are just too adorable, I need a new furry friend.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. You have some great friends and co-workers!

  5. So glad you got relief! I've never heard of that wonder drug you mentioned! And those kittens are simply the cutest ever. You must keep one!

    I am grateful to be home after a few days away for work.

  6. Grateful for a public holiday tomorrow, so I get to spend the entire day with my kiddos! :)

  7. Whoa, so much happening! And despite all the setbacks, you've found so much to be thankful for. Also, I'm jealous because I have NOT mastered that yoga move at all. I aspire to get it though. One day!

    Feel better soon!

  8. Oh gosh... I'd cry too giving those cuties up :)
    A frosted cinnamon roll makes everything better - right? My mom always deals with UTI's & I can't imagine the pain they an cause :(

  9. I hate UTIs, too. In recent years I've had a lot of problems with them; one even turned into a kidney infection because I got an antibiotic that wasn't strong enough (I didn't want to take Cipro because of possible negative side effects for athletes, but that was a dumb mistake). Now I never delay in getting my antibiotic--the kidney thing was the only thing I've ever dealt with that was worse than the UTI. Makes me think I need to get to know someone who can just call in a prescription for me--I always seem to end up in urgent care, waiting for what seems like an eternity, just so they can confirm what I already know. After my last bout in December, I've taken some preventative steps that so far (knock on wood) have kept me from getting another one.

    Feel better! You are tough! I would not have gone to work.

  10. Love that quote! I need baby kitties... lol.

  11. yes let's talk UTIs...they suck! I had one right before my marathon not too long ago. Uggh! Bad bad. Then the doc gave me stupid...not the thing to give someone running a marathon or marathon training. Let's just say that was rough. Love your pics. Yes, grateful wonderful to have this!

  12. UTIs are awful!! Glad you could get yours taken care of quickly. Cranberry juice helps a lot, too!


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