Monday, April 14, 2014

Week in Review and little Cowpokes

Sunday  2 mile run
              40 minutes elliptical
Monday 3.5 mile run
             24 minute HIIT
             45 minutes yoga
Tuesday   rest
Wednesday unplanned rest day
Thursday   30 minutes cycling
                 35 minutes elliptical
                 30 minutes yoga
                  all morning deep cleaning house (totally counts as a workout)
Friday    20 minutes yoga after work
Saturday  60 minutes elliptical
                30 minutes yoga

Running 5.5 miles
Strength 1  (goal is three)
Yoga 4
Elliptical 135 minutes in three sessions
Cycling 30 minutes (why is it so boring?)

Not my best week ever for strength workouts.  I am feeling a little down about my foot still being a bother and admit to having a bit of loss of motivation.  I also just really want my foot to heal so I am avoiding trying to aggravate it more.  so frustrated.

We helped the neighbors brand yesterday and branded a few of our calves as well.  The kids were a big help too.

The calves were branded and vaccinated for several things.  A healthy herd is a happy herd, and besides who wants to eat meat that comes from sick animals.

Running them through a chute is a good way to get an up close look at their overall condition.  Eyes, ears, feet etc.  It's also great for the kids to get out and learn the value of hard work.

I am planning to take most or all of this week off from running again.  My foot feels fine, but it did when I ran on Monday for the first three miles too.  I want to give it lots of time to really heal up.  Hard to do when I know I have a 5 mile race coming up in 4 weeks.

I have already reset my A, B, and C goals to what I don't know I just know they won't be what they were before.  I hate having to lower my standards.  The last time I ran this race I did it in 34:54.  I can only dream of running that fast right now.  That is not going to happen this year.  I think I will just be happy to toe the line at a race again.

How are your motivation levels lately?  What is your motivation today?  Mine is getting healthy so I can race again and don't have to have race envy!


  1. I find my motivation dips with the weather. Now I want to be outside so I'm active but injury certainly effects things! I'm sorry that you're struggling so much with your foot! I hope this week is better! LOVE the cowboy hats!!!

  2. We all have lapses in motivation. Mine is usually weather related. I hope you find your mojo!

  3. My motivation is pretty much zero, but I think I get a pass :). I've been walking veeeery slowly lately for exercise. The baby is giving me sciatica, so that's pretty much the only thing I can do at this point. I think the neighbors are starting to feel sorry for me.

  4. I have had big lapses in motivation the past few months but am hoping to get back to it now that the weather is cooperating:) Sadly I planned a 9 miler today but woke up sick:( Boo! Hope your foot feels better ASAP!

  5. I have been having major lapses in motivation too! I am so much slower this year than last but I am trying to remember to just be happy to be able to run when I can!


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