Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweat it Wednesday with a HIIT

I had some interest in people wanting to see what kinds of workouts I do for HIIT.  I realize I use the term loosely and mayby HICT is more aproppriate but whatever, it's my blog.

Here is one that I did Monday this week

I will include a few demonstrations of some of the exercises that I didn't know until recently.  Although they can all probably be googled.

Push Press, how I do this one, squat with KB in both hands, as you push out of the squat raise KB overhead with alternating arms.  I think I learned this from Women's Health magazine
Touch the kettle bell pushups. Put the KB between your feet. Do a pushup and as you come up, reach back with alternating hands to touch the KB between your feet.

Tricep dip on whatever you have available and as you come up alternate touching left hand to right foot and right hand to left foot.
Really you can do any kind of time intervals and as many rounds as you want to do, but two rounds of this and my husband and I both agreed a third round would result in bad form and maybe some loss of stomach contents.

Disclaimer:  I am not a trainer, I am just someone who has spent a lot of my life working out.  I like to make up my own workouts since I workout at home.


  1. I love these little variations on these exercises!! I'm totally trying them out tomorrow!!

  2. Oooh, I love this and I have a kettlebell at home now (thank you Target I'm going to try this over the weekend!

  3. Those all look pretty intense to me!

  4. I'm going to start doing this right this minute if I can have your arms!! Welcome to the gun show!

  5. I'm tired just looking at these pictures. Looks like a great workout though.


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