Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pity Party for One

I ran Monday, two miles in 17 minutes and 2 seconds.  It felt great, it felt so good!  Then my kids wanted to bike with me so I decided to run while they biked, it would only be for a mile.  Bad choice, two thirds of  a mile in my foot started to hurt and I ended up walking most of the way back home.
It kind of took the wind right out of my sails.  I just rested it for two weeks!  I did do other things like rowing, cycling, elliptical and yoga,  but none of those things bothered my foot.

I was feeling pretty down about it yesterday and on my way home from work I was having a bit of a pity party for myself.  I mean can't I catch a break here somewhere?  I may have cried a little in my car.  It did make me feel better.  Crying is actually healing.  Then I read Kara's lament about not being able to run and felt better.  Misery loves company right?

Since I had some time before the kids got home from school I did 20 minutes on the rowing machine followed by 28 minutes of HIIT.  I was wiped when I was done, but I knew steak was for supper so that kept me moving!

will row for steak

Plan.  Have my foot looked at again, clearly it is not getting better.  No running again. Probably going to DNS my Mother's Day weekend race.  This is what breaks my heart the most.  I wanted this race so bad, it meant so much.

and in other news, there were some dark chocolate covered cinnamon bears at work yesterday.
I like both of those things but I do not like them together,  chocolate and gummy things do not mix.
What about you is it a yes or a no?


  1. I may love chocolate cinnamon bears so much that we bought both separately and tried to make them on our own :) Pretty? Nope. Tasty? YESSSSSSSS! And I'm sorry to hear about your foot-- I think it's a good call to check it out. This has been plaguing you forever!

  2. I can't say I've ever tried chocolate cinnamon bears, but they don't sound that great to me.

    Bummer about your foot! I really hope you can figure out what it is and heal up! If you want to commiserate, I've been walking for exercise at about a 25 min/mile pace. I don't think it can even count as exercise. Bungee hates it so much.

  3. Definitely a no. Gummies are better with fruity flavors at least for me. :-) Sorry about your foot but you are finding other ways to get your fitness in. I know you love running and it is not the same but you are doing good. And sometimes you just need a pity party.

  4. I really feel you, here. I feel like my body has just given up on me and it's sooo frustrating. I am seeing a new, really great PT who is helping me drill down to the root causes behind all of my injuries. He is of the Jay Dicharry approach and I have been reading Jay's book alongside the rehab. Highly, highly recommend it to every single runner, but especially those like me who have had multiple injuries: Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry. Go get it!

  5. I'm sorry about your foot:( Hope you can get some real answers soon.

    I don't like cinnamon bears or dark chocolate so maybe I would like them combined? ;)

  6. Sorry about your foot :(

    So running aggravates it, but not HIIT? That's weird. I forget, do you have a diagnosis, or is it just random aches and pains?

  7. Ohhhhh... I can't even imagine that it would taste good. Cinnamon bears are so strong in of itself... just give me the dark chocolate ;)

  8. Sorry your foot isn't getting better. That's so frustrating. :(

    Chocolate cinnamon bears sound disgusting. Ew.

  9. I'm really sorry your foot's not getting any better. Hope you can get some answers soon.

    I don't know what to say about cinnamon chocolate bears

  10. Sorry you can't run, no fun! When I was having some trouble running, I started riding more and found that you can really work up a sweat doing it and it's fun, too.

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