Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of no running

Last week was a week of no running... I hurt my foot and it would start feeling painful about 2 miles into a run.  SO here is how it looked

Sunday          23 minutes yoga Colleen Saidman on youtube
                      elliptical  70 minutes
Monday       53 minutes yoga Zuzka Light's 2nd yoga DVD
                    40 minutes elliptical
                    24 minute HIIT with 12 minutes rowing intervals in it

Tuesday      55 minutes Power Yoga 1 with Zuzka Light
Wednesday  27 minute HIIT
                     20 minutes Yoga

Thursday  Rest day

Friday  30 minutes power yoga with Jillian Michaels

Saturday   45 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman
                2 mile run
                40 minutes  elliptical
               4 hours helping in laws move

Run 2 miles.  Felt great
Strength  3 I am counting Jillian Michaels yoga it was tough!
Yoga  4
Elliptical 150 minutes

Overall not my best week, but I am trying to get my foot to feel better and since it only seems aggravated by running, of course, my running this week was severely lacking.  I was told to ease back into running.  You know start with a mile at a time sort of thing.

Yes I know I didn't follow directions, but I did run 1.5 miles, take a small break to help my kids on their bikes and then run another half mile so it wasn't like I just ran twice as far as I was supposed to I broke it up a little.  My foot was feeling fine anyway.

and it was FINALLY springlike outside.  Seriously. birds were singing and everything.  April started like a bad joke with new snow every freaking day until Friday last week.  OVER IT.

Yesterday the kids did their first bike ride out of the driveway while I jogged beside them, I say jogged because it took us almost half an hour to go 2 miles.  It was great fun.
The weather is warmer, but the sun doesn't seem to want to come out and play a whole bunch, instead the wind keeps showing up.   It is supposed to be 72 degrees tomorrow.  I think we will all melt.


  1. Yay for the warmer weather!! :)

  2. Glad you're finally getting some nice weather! Hope your foot's doing better.

  3. We have a great week of weather on tap, too. LOVE getting some sun and warmth back. Hoping the foot improves quickly for you!

  4. Just talked to a friend yesterday who has been using the elliptical because running hurts her lately. It's good to have other options like that. 72? Get out the swimsuits and popsicles!

  5. OOh 72 degrees sounds nice! It's supposed to be 66 here today and I should be out doing yard work;) Our backyard is a jungle!

  6. Glad to hear you're finally getting some springlike weather! I hope your foot is on the upswing and will be back to normal now, too.

  7. Glad your weather is finally smartening up! I hope you get some running in this week, but even more I hope your foot is healing!

  8. We have warmer weather finally as well... only for 30's and snow in the forecast for the weekend. I'm so over winter.

    Hope your foot heals up quickly!

  9. Hope your foot feels better soon! I'm not good at following directions, either! LOL

  10. yay for taking it easy. frustrating i know! but you will be stronger for it. :) 72???? I'm jealous!


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