Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blogging Blues: Do Tell!

Well as I am sitting here watching it snow outside I am wondering what the average life span of a blog is.  Seems like there have been a great deal of blogs that I have followed since I started blogging almost three years ago that have burned out.  Some I watched start up and then fade away slowly, others announced their departure with a post, some were just gone.  My reading list is full of blogs that haven't posted in months and some in years.

 I think from time to time about quitting, but in the end I don't.  I really kind of enjoy blogging.  I like reading blogs and learning about others people's triumphs and struggles.  I enjoy getting feedback from others and getting to try out and review new products.  I have found things through blogging that I don't know that I would have otherwise. I also like to go back and read older posts to see what I was thinking or what I thought of a certain race.

I do find that I go in waves with it.  Sometimes I post a lot and think of new ideas all the time, and other times like now I feel uninspired and wonder what I will write.  I think partially it has to do with my running, or serious lack of running.  The whole last year has been a lot of whining about injury and not running. In that year I have learned I really enjoy yoga and think cycling is boring. I got a rowing machine for cross training and discovered kettle bells.

Blogging can be very time consuming.  I have done a few paid posts, but mostly I don't.  There have been times when I neglected housework because I was busy blogging, but I have neglected house work for worse things.  

Things I like about blogging

  • having a support group, there is always someone injured to commiserate with, someone willing to give advice, and most of all people who really "get" me and my love of running.
  • new things, I am always reading about great new products or getting to try them out
  • learning training ideas and what people think of them who have tried them
  • "meeting" lots of runners from around the US and world
  • writing, I enjoy it
What I don't like about it\
  • when I start comparing myself to others
  • when I feel like I "need" to post
  • when somebody I don't want to find my blog reads it, I know putting it out there in a public place on the web is that risk, but there are people in this world I don't like find it annoying if I think they are reading my blog.  I will say the longer I blog the less I give a shit. 
  • when other bloggers diss each other, shouldn't we all be supportive of each other?
What about you?  
Are you sad when a blogger you enjoy quits?  I am!
What do you like and dislike about blogging?  Do tell!
Be a critic... what do you like and dislike about my blog?


  1. You summed up pretty much everything I'm feeling right now. I'm just all blah. And like you it seems to come and go in waves. I doubt I'll ever quit because I know my dad loves reading my blog. And I love reading my race recaps/training. Guess a little break can be good and give a new perspective.

  2. I still love reading all of the blog, but I don't enjoy spend a lot of time on the computer anymore. So I don't post much anymore. It seemed like it was becoming a job I had to do not because I enjoyed it anymore. Great post Love your blog

  3. I truly contemplated quitting altogether this week. Having struggled so much for the last 6 months, I feel like my blog has become a Debbie Downer broadcast point.

    But then I remember that I love my blog. That I have had opportunities I wouldn't have had in the past 4 years because of it. I love the connections I have made and the community I have seen form around it. I feel the same way about when someone I don't want to read it, reads it a bit too thoroughly (ahem*cough*mom*cough*) and I have found myself censoring myself a bit more than I used to because of it.

    I also believe that blogging is cyclical. I've come to realize that I do it when I can now and if I can't then I don't. It isn't my job - it's my hobby and I don't feel the need to apologize anymore because I didn't post for a week or two.

    1. And we are glad you never. I think too many people feel the need to say sorry I was offline!! Gosh...were you offline having fun with friends or family or reading a good book? then no apologies!! People have cycles. I do (and i dont have kids or husband) and sometimes i just dont have anything to say...shock i KNOW!! I try to follow my heart in blogging because I have stopped following a few that seem to pander to a certain audience...and just don't seem authentic anymore. Even though I dont have kids, i love seeing my friends and my bloggy friends family pics! xx

  4. I have noticed the same thing. It makes me sad when I see certain bloggers quit. They are just gone, sometimes without explanation. Most of the blogs on my blog list don't post anymore. I dislike blogging when I feel like I have to blog and my heart isn't into the post. That's why I have changed my focus and am back to the basics. I am enjoying it much more now:)

  5. Obviously I had the same thoughts a few months ago - after I finally PR'ed the half, I didn't really feel like I had anything interesting going on - not working, not training for anything, etc. I didn't want to feel like I was "forcing" anything, so I took a break. Coming back to training, I realized I really enjoyed documenting it, and having that info for reference later on.

    It IS cyclical, and I think like anything else on the internet machine, it will fade (honestly, I think it's fading fast now). If you like it, do it - if it's not your "job", then blog what and when it makes you happy.

  6. Well I hope you don't quit, I like reading your blog :)

    I am one of those that have gone in waves. I blog a lot and then don't for months. I wish I could be more consistent with it, but when a lot is going on I just don't want to feel like I "need" to blog. Part of the reason I haven't is in so long is because of people seeing it that I don't really want to. First our computer broke, then we got blindsided with a move and during that spent a week in the hospital with my daughter having pneumonia. Being injured and not running that stuff consumed me and I know its what I would have talked about on the blog. I'm finally feeling settled and we have a new computer and I do miss blogging when I'm not doing it so I want to start back up soon.

    I do love camaraderie with blogging and connecting with other runners. I don't like how sometimes blogging seems more like a popularity contest. I also love to go back and looking at old posts.

  7. I loved blogging and meeting people because of it, but I think that with all of the changes going on around here, it was sort of the natural thing to get rid of. I still love to read blogs, but I love the freedom of not blogging even more.

  8. It's all about the people you meet. That's the best part! :-)

  9. Your blog is one of my favorites and one of the first I followed! I like your honesty and the mix of healthy living and a day in the life type of posts with your kids and your goings on on the farm. But I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm a huge offender for posting a bunch them I'm lucky to post once a week. I only posted 3 times in March!

    I do have something funny to share with you...I was looking at my Blogger stats and one of the searches someone did to get to my blog was 'big booty in compression shorts'. WHAT? So I did a google image search with those words and I saw my picture in Tommie Copper shorts (with a decent looking booty, if I say so myself) and who was in the image next to me? You! I thought, well that is ridiculous, Christy DOES NOT have a big booty! Especially in that photo! I wish I had taken a screen shot!

  10. yes there have been some folks leave that I really miss because sans their blog I hardly get to catch up and know what's happenign with them as we developed a friendship through events over the years.

  11. Totally agree! There have been many times that I have became burned out with blogging that I thought about quitting. I have taken extended breaks but so far I keep coming back. Sometimes I just need to disconnect and have some breathing room. Once I get refreshed I realize that I miss blogging.

  12. I've been blogging for 7 years & have missed some of the best bloggers who just fell out of it... always makes me a little sad. I always say I'm the one who won't leave :) haha

  13. I always get a bit sad when blogger I follow stops. But they have their reasons. I feel pressure to blog but I don't want to blog about nothing. Sometimes I really just don't have the energy to blog. I have cut many things out of my life to stop comparing myself to others. Now I don't seem to even care about that stuff in blogging!

  14. I've recently started following your blog. Stumbled on it from Jeff at Detroit Runner and Jim at 50 after 40. I stuck around because I like your style and your quick interesting posts. I am sad when a blogger stops. My blog goes through phases of a scripted workout based post to what I call blather when I feel like telling a story. It is also nice to re-read past entries of my blog or those of people I follow, it is fun to see how they transform over time.

  15. I definitely get bummed when my favorite bloggers quit - it seems like so many of the good ones have! I love blogging, and really see no downsides to it so far. I don't post on a schedule, and really only post when I feel like it, which I think helps me avoid burnout. I've met some really close friends through it, and made some good internet friends too. I agree with most of your pros - the community, training ideas, support, etc. I used to compare myself to others and get down about it, but I can honestly say that I've stopped (maybe it was turning 30?). Yup, pretty much everyone out there is skinnier than me, runs more, and most are faster, but I'm happy with my life and feel good about my choices. The one thing that is currently annoying me is that I'd like to see more pregnant bloggers, but the ones I follow (mostly stupid big name HLBS) just seem to use weekly update posts as giant bitch sessions and whining about not being able to workout the same way and it makes me sad - cheer the hell up and get excited!

  16. My posts have become more sporadic, I still try to post occasionally when I have some news, but I guess facebook is my main immediate running forum for me. I've also made online friends with some bloggers, and we are now facebook friends, so I'm now communicating with some of my favorites directly. I'll likely keep my blog up for big news and the like, but likely I'll continue to post maybe twice a month or so...I mainly like putting race recaps up there, to not only read for later, but to recap feelings during races. And this year I finally have some race recaps to post, as I'm basically finally healthy.

  17. I am definitely sad when a blogger that I like stops writing. I enjoy those little glances into other people's worlds.

    I very much now only blog when I have something that I want to write about. It's a bit odd because some months I only have one post and other times I'll have three posts in a week. It probably means I lose some readers, but I don't have the time or enthusiasm to blog about things that I don't feel are worthwhile!

  18. I would miss your blog but I get it that sometimes people's focus changes. Also understand that it takes effort on the part of the blogger. That helps me appreciate the effort by the blogger.

  19. I have been blogging on and off since I got pregnant with my son, 10 years ago! I used to beat myself up about taking a blog break but now I just take a break when I need it and know that I'll get back to it when I feel better.

    I love your week in review workouts. I tend to just run and you motivate me to do more. And I love that you live in cow country. I secretly wish I was a cowgirl.

  20. I like your blog. I don't like it when I start reading a blog and then they decide to start going to sponsored posts. I understand they want to make money, but I feel like I'm reading ads sometimes.


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