Monday, June 30, 2014

Last long run

Yesterday I did my last long run before the half marathon in July.  Some plans for half marathons call for the last long run to be the weekend before the half marathon and some two weekends before. 

I am going with two weekends before. I ran 14 miles and next weekend will run somewhere between 7 and 10, I haven't decided yet.  Either way it will feel shorter compared to a 14 miler.

How did my long run feel yesterday?  Great!  I felt strong and confident.  Despite running into the wind four of the last six miles I managed to negative split the run and have my fastest miles the last two.

The hardest part was the big bad hill I went up at mile 7.  It is about three quarters of a mile long and just goes up and up and up, not gradually either.  I made it almost all the way before I stopped to walk.  It was a toughie, although the wind was making my cranky by the end.

I am going to start thinking about some half goals this week. It will not be a PR attempt but I do think I will be able to pull off a good time based on todays run.

I wasn't planning on taking the kids up with me to the half marathon, but sounds like my parents will be there the same weekend for a skeet shoot so the kids can spend the night with them and then watch me finish my race.

a brief summary of last week

Sunday 13.3 mile long run
             45 minutes yoga Athlete's Yoga
Monday   5 mile recovery run with kids on bikes
                40 minutes on elliptical
               25 minutes strength training
Tuesday 30 minutes yoga in the am before work
Wednesday 6 miles of speed work
                     28 minutes of Tabata
                    20 minutes easy yoga
Thursday 40 minutes of yoga before work
                 20 minutes rowing after work
Friday  Rest day.. crazy day at work
Saturday 5 easy miles

Runs 29 miles in 3 runs
Strength 2
yoga 3
elliptical 1
Rowing machine 1

Slacking on the strength training, but once again there is so much to do outside. 

What about you, when do you do your last long run before a half marathon?


  1. It sounds like you are all ready to go for your half marathon next month! I normally do my last long run a couple weeks before a half or full. I like having the extra time to rest my legs.

  2. I like the two week plan. Do an "shorter" long run the weekend before, rest up, eat some crabs and knock it out!

  3. That's a fun picture. Strangely, my last race had my longest long run 3 weekends before the race (15 miles) with a 13 mile long run 2 weekends before. I thought a 15 miler was weird, so I'm happy to see someone else going above race distance. You're gonna rock it! You've got this!

  4. Wow, your speed has certainly come back!
    I do the last long run 2 weeks prior, then something around 6-8 the weekend before... or whatever I feel like. :)
    You are going to smash that half!

  5. I've never trained specifically for a half marathon so I don't know when I'd do my last long run but with marathon training it is generally 3 weeks out. And such a good feeling! :) Good luck!

  6. I am so excited to see via your IG how your running is finally coming back. You can tell how happy you are to be back at it.

  7. Wahooo... so glad it is all going so well for you.


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