Monday, May 2, 2011

Fluff in the Sky

 I had a much better run today, I felt like I was really able to zone out and enjoy the run.  It seemed to go by very fast.  I did some what of a tempo run for five miles then did a cool down mile.  I am still trying to figure out tempo runs.  I was not good about doing them last year and made it one of my goals to do them this year.  I am actually finding that I enjoy them much more than interval training.  The sky was a beautiful blue today with lots of fluffy clouds.

It was just me and the road again today.  I did see one lonely little antelope and some cows.  I made my little dog stay home and heal up from what ever it was that was making him limp around yesterday.  I don't think he approved of my decision. 

 One of my favorite things about running through fields is getting to see the progress of the crop through the year.  Last year this field was fallow and this year in planted with winter wheat.  I ran in my new Lululemon skirt today.  LOVED IT.  I took some pictures, but none of them really turned out.  I plan to wear the skirt on Saturday for the Womens Run.  I will try to get some better pictures then  and post a proper review as well as my RACE REPORT!    After I got home from the run I did Jacked Up Chick Workout


  1. Thanks for following!

    It looks like such a beautiful day for a run!

    Which Lululemon skirt do you have? I have one from them that I haven't used much but it's super cute cause it's pink :)

  2. I got the Run:Speed Skirt regular length I am 5'8" tall and for me it is the perfect length, just below my fingertips when my arms are at my sides. I will be ordering more from them in the future.


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