Thursday, May 26, 2011

That pain in your side!

    Yesterday I had a tough run so I am looking to redeem myself today :) I set out to run 6 x800 with a 1 mile warm up and cool down.   I wanted to do them in 3:20 range.  The first one I did was 3:30, the second 3:25 and then all the steam went out of me.  I started the third one, got halfway through it and just DIED.  My legs had no more get up and go, I was huffing and puffing.  UGH, so I cut the workout short and ended up jogging the rest at a 9 min/mile pace.  I don't think it helped that I did a bodyrock workout before the run that had a lot of jump lunges.  I also think I was a little dehydrated.  I realized as I was out slogging through my run I hadn't drank any water in the four up to my run, only a cup of coffee.  BAD CHRISTY!

     On a bright note, my run today has a big chance of being RAIN FREE! So excited for that.  I got a running skirt from in the mail recently and even though I followed the sizing guide, my behind feels to big for the built in underwear.  (how embarrassing!)  I was so excited to get the skirt too!  I don't really want to go a size up because the skirt part might be too big then.  I really like how the skirt part fits, it is perfect. Just not the underwear.  Anyone else have this problem with that brand? I would post a picture of that but then you might never read my blog again! I was going to post a picture of the skirt instead, but my blog is not uploading pictures on ANY kind right now, which is very FRUSTRATING!

    On an entirely different note, a friend of mine who is very new to running was complaining about sideaches and wanted to know how to get rid of them, so I told her my trick and we looked up a few more.

    I rarely ever get a sideache anymore when running.  When I do I always forcefully exhale small puffs of air everytime my foot on the affected side hits the ground, and if that doesn't work I exhale when the opposite foot hits the ground. This has always worked for me.  I came across another "cure" the other day and thought I would share it with all you and see what works for other people!

     Nick Mitchell, founder of personal training company Ultimate Performance, recommends tackling it in two ways.
    First, bend over for a few seconds, and touch your toes.
    If that doesn't work, dig a couple of fingers into the affected flank.
    (I have never tried either of these, have you?  Do they work?)

    He goes on to say

    We don't know exactly why these cures work, says Mitchell, but he reckons it's something to do with the way the blood flows away from your diaphragm (in the first example), or is simply prevented from entering the pained area (in the second).
    To avoid a stitch altogether, Mitchell suggests staying away from wheat-based foods, such as bread and muesli in the lead-up to your run. "Don't have a bowl of muesli, milk and banana before going for a jog," he says. Instead, he advocates eating a few dried berries and nuts half an hour before you set off.
    Stitches occasionally affect elite athletes, says Mitchell, but they will have developed mental processes to help them zone out the pain so they can carry on regardless.  You can see the whole article  here.

    I eat wheat bread all the time before I run, so I flunk on that one :)

    Some other "cures" I found on the internet are:
    • Slow down or walk for a while
    • Reaching overhead and leaning to the opposite side to stretch the stitch.
    • Hold pressure on the affected area  for about ten seconds. 
    • Slow your breathing down
    • Breath through pursed lips
    Ways to prevent it include
    • Run more regularly
    • Stay hydrated
    • Warm up before the run
    • Don't eat too much before the run
    • Practice good posture
    How do you get rid of a side ache when running?
    Do you have any tips or tricks to avoid them?


    1. So one the running skirts - I have 30 skirts from them. All briefs and every single one of them cuts into my butt. I notice it, but it's hard to tell from behind (I've had many pictures take from that angle - check the header on my blog). If you go up a size, the skirt will be too big. Trust me, I've tried. If it really bothers you, you can always get the athletic style with the shorts underneath, they do not cut in at all, but you need to size down 1 size. So if you were a 2 in the skirt with the brief, you'll need a 1 in the athletic style. Hope that helps!

    2. "Run more regularly" would probably be more of a cure for side stitches for me! I've only gotten one this the Women's Run, but I think that's cause I was nervous about running so far. I did stick a couple fingers in my ribs and walk a bit which did seem to do the trick. I'll have to try the breathing trick next time.

    3. I really appreciate this post. I hardly ever get stitches anymore but the past few days I have had one or two of them. I am going to use these although I do need my carbs prior to running so not sure about that one...what do you think?

    4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just read your list of favorite music and I think we are going to be real good friends :) Please tell me "my dirt road anthem" is a Jason Aldean reference.

      Oh, and as for side stitches I usually try to walk for a minute and put my arms on top of my head while focusing on my breathing.

    5. I have been getting a stitch lately which is weird since I rarely do. Maybe it is the heat. My coach says to bend over ninety degrees and walk.
      That is hard and it is impossible not to look like an idiot.
      I am going to try some of the solutions suggested here instead!

    6. Oh I want to see your running skirt. I have been wanting to get one but I get so nervous to order things online unless I already know how they fit my crazy body.

      Thanks for the information on side stiches. I used to get them incredibly bad when I first started running and I still get them on occasion. I have found that if I just slow my pace a bit I am able to run through them and they eventually go away.

      Enjoy your run!!

    7. how interesting about the wheat bread... I rarely eat before I run in the mornings because usually I go at like 5am, but on race days I have peanut butter toast with a banana and I have had some side stitches... I wonder if its the bread?

    8. Wow thats crazy, you and I had the same workouts scheduled yesterday. It was my first interval workout and I only made it through 4x800. Just couldn't do the last two.

      O how I dream to run them in 3:30, I was at 4:30. But that is a huge improvement for me.

    9. I give you major credit for even attempting 800's after a bodyrock workout, my legs are usually dead after and just doing an easy jog takes major effort.


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