Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lululemon Run:Speed Skirt

I have been wanting a Lululemon running skirt for some time now, but do not live near a Lululemon store.  Every time I went to the website the skirts were sold out.  A very frustrating experience. OR if I wanted I could buy one on ebay for twice the price.  Yeah, didn't really want to do that.  It already costs $54.  I decided to wait it out.  Finally, one day I logged into the website and lo and behold they had the skirt and in my size! I ordered the regular and spent a week wondering if I should have ordered the tall instead since I am 5'8".  The only color choice I had was black.  I was between a size 4 and a 6 so I ordered up and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't be too big and too short! 
The weather of course was crappy when I got it so I couldn't run in it for another two weeks after I got it.  Boo on that! Finally the weather was agreeable to a running skirt and off I went.  LOVE this skirt.  Best running skirt I have so far, but I do have one from on the way so i can't wait to see how it compares.

Here is how the Lululemon website describes the skirt
  • All the technical properties of a short, but we made a skirt instead!
  • Lightweight & wicking swift fabric with 4-way stretch and recycled content
  • Inherently wicking luxtremeTM fabric liner with sticky elastic at hem, stops shorts from riding up
  • Smooth, wide waistband
  • Continuous drawcord won't come out in the wash
  • Storage! Secure back zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
Here is what I say

fabric so lightweight you hardly know you have it on.

Pockets!  Three of them and one with a zipper.

The shorts under the skirt DON"T ride up they stay in place, no having to pull them down all the time. They really stay in place! Took it on a ten mile run no chafing.

Super comfy and not too short.

Feels girly and femine with the pleated ruffle in the back.

 Here it is on the hanger. Boring right, let's see it on a real person.

 and here it is on ME! Love this skirt.  You can see the fun little pleated ruffle on the back.  I think it is a fun touch.  Sometimes I enjoy feeling like a girl when I am out being sweaty. I was jumping around so you can see the ruffle pleat in action.

Side view, nice flat front, no pleated ruffle in  front just the back.  I think if it had a ruffle in the front it might feel a little bit too much like a cheer leader skirt.  I would know, back in high school I was one of those too!

Forgive the photography it was all me and the self timer! And here is one more photo of the skirt on a race day.  Last year was the first time a wore a running skirt. I love how girly it feels.  Since then I have bought three more and have one on the way that I won in a giveaway.

Did I mention I love this skirt?

What I don't love is how hard it is to order one of them.  If I love the one I get from as much as this one I may just stick with them in the future since they are so much easier to order from.

Anyone else been this frustrated trying to order from Lululemon?

What is your favorite brand of running skirt?


    1. I'm thinking of getting a running skirt to wear for my first race next month!

    2. Wow you've got rocking quads... haven't tried a running skirt... now I might!

    3. Great review of Lulu! I Love Lululemon!!

    4. Very cute! I like the ruffle too. :)

    5. I have two skirts from Lululemon- love them! (One is the same style you have) I'm lucky to live near 2 stores, though, and what's sold out online I can usually get at the store. I tried a RunningSkirt at one of our local running stores and didn't like it... but it seems like the rest of the female running world does!


    Because I love hearing from you all!