Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soggy Spring Running and Good News

I got very unexpected news at work this week, after putting it off nearly as long as they thought possible they decided to give us a raise at work...YAY!  We had pretty much written it off for the year.  Every meeting we've had has been about financials, financials, financials, BLEH.  SO that was exciting! Then I got off work a litte early Friday, which is equal to the gift of free time before I get the kids after work. EXCEPT it's been all rainy out so I wasn't as excited to get out and run as I could have been.  I got my butt out there anyway, with a weekend forecast of nothing but rain I really had no choice when the clouds cleared off for a couple of hours. 

I was so glad I did.  Of course.  The air was cool and crisp, but not cold.  Perfect for running really.  The birds were singing, the frogs were croaking. The air smelled sweet and fresh.  So I did an easy four mile run and then did the latest workout which left my left quads in a knotted cramp... OWW!

The ground off the roads of soaked!  And we are supposed to get between 1 and 3 more inches of rain this weekend!
The wild plums are in bloom.  I'm not sure anything smells as good, except maybe lilacs and chokecherries in bloom.  Wild plums make yummy jelly
What my little section of road looks like by my house.  Surprisingly it wasn't super squishy mud and was pretty easy to run on.

And as fun little bonus my sis one an iHome alarm clock thingy as a door prize at something she was at with her husband, but she doesn't have an iPod (I know REALLY? who doesn't have an iPod?) But yay for me! Thanks Sis! Sisters are the best!
How is the weather in your neck of the woods this weekend?

What is your favorite spring smell?


  1. The weather out here in Kraemer, LA is high 80s/low 90s. So far it has been sunny but I have been hoping to have some clouds hang around to help cool off.
    My favorite spring smell??? Hmmmm...I guess it would be fresh cut grass or after a rain.
    I would have loved to enjoy a four mile run. I went out after 10am (crazy but it WAS overcast, for a little while at least!) and could only push myself to do three. I didn't have it in me to make that extra .1.
    Congrats on the raise! We had a recent freeze on rasies as well. Mine raise just went into effect too! :)

  2. Today is Sunny and beautiful after 6 days of rain!! My favorite spring smell is fresh cut grass. It reminds me of playing night time soccer games from back in the day!

  3. I love the smell of honeysuckle. There's a portion of my run where I get to go through a thick growth of honeysuckle and MAN! AWESOME!!!

    We just had some rain last night. Today feels kinda good. But I am a winter girl. :)

  4. The weather in C has been brutal. Yesterday it was sunny and hailed... all within an hour of each other. Yikes!

    One of my favorite spring smells is a combination between spring rain and wildflower meadows. Love it!

    Also, the place where you run looks so gorgeous! I'm jealous!

  5. It was sunnnny today and supposed to storm all day tomorrow... when I have to do my long run. Boo thanks for the comment! My socks are compression. I am in love with compression socks. They're the saucony amp pro2 and they're cozy.

  6. Today was gorgeous over here in Korea after two days of rain. I'm hoping the nice weather holds up for my run tomorrow!

  7. YAY for a raise! Exciting!!! Love your new ipod doc! Glad you had a good run!

  8. We just had a horrible storm last Friday, but the weekend was Gorgious! Now, more rain on the way. Which is totally good with me, that way I don't have to water the garden.

    Favorite spring smell....The grill cooking up some amazingness!


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