Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unexpected Gift!

Today I ran 5.35 miles at an easy 9:12 pace and spent most of the run wishing it wasn't so windy so I could enjoy it more. Even worse,  my stomach decided I should have fed it more this morning so I spent most of the run wishing I had something to eat. It wasn't a long run so I didn't bring along any form of nourishment :(   It's my last run before the 5 mile race Saturday.  My calf muscles are sore and have some lactic acid in them from doing hundreds of high knees during my workout Monday...oops. Hopefully that will be all worked out by Saturday.

My Grandma watched my little darlings while I ran and even fed us lunch. (YAY!)  The kids weren't ready to go home yet so they got to stay and play while I went home and cleaned like a mad woman

and relaxed with my book.   AHHH.  I love it when I get these little unexpected gifts of free time!
Anything unexpected happen to you today?


  1. free time?
    I had forgotten that such a thing existed

  2. dang girl you are fast! I aspire to be that fast someday...soon! :)

  3. You are fast indeed! I am still working on getting under 25 minutes for a 5k!

  4. hmmm nope, today was very much what i expected in a blah way. :) yay for free time though!

  5. What a bright post! Love it! Good LUCK this weekend!!! :D

  6. Free time is the BEST! Take care of those legs so you can kill it this weekend!


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