Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Blogger blues

So bummed about the Blogger issue.  Ugh.  I lost a post and a bunch of really sweet comments on my last post.  Boo.  Let's hope that doesn't happen again. So I DID IT!  I signed up for my first 10k.  It is June 18th and I am as excited about it as I am nervous.  But as someone so kindly pointed out to me, I will have a personal best no matter what since I have never done one before.  YAY!

I got up early today to run an easy 5 mile.  I love running first thing in the morning. It seems so peacefull with the sun just coming up, knowing it's a new day and I have it all in front of me to enjoy. I kept the pace just under 9 minute miles. I have a 5k tomorrow so I didn't want to over do it too much.  Tomorrow for the first time since I get to run with a friend from high school that I used to run cross country with.  She now lives about 4 hours away and I don't see her very often except on Facebook.  Back in the day our cross country coach called us Mario and Luigi.  I was Luigi.  :) We both ran cross country and also did long and triple jump in track.  We did all of our runs together.  I really miss having someone to run with like that.

I am contemplating doing a ten day sugar free challenge that I found on another blog,  but I can't find the link because I also lost that in the great Blogger vacation, so if anyone knows where it is could they please tell me!  Ever since I rad about the challenge I have been watching my sugar intake and am a little blown away at how much I eat.  MMM jelly beans, chocolate, cake,,  can I say goodbye for ten whole days.  Sure I can! It's only ten days right!  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Have you ever gone on a sugar free challenge?
No I love sugar, that being said maybe I love it a little too much! Chewy fruity candy is my favorite, followed by chocolate and nearly any kind of cake.  I heart cake.

  How hard was it?
Did you feel better afterwards?

and lastly here is a picture of my wild little outside cat Splash 2 and her litter of babies out in the hay.  She wasn't very impressed with me invading her nest, or that the kids kept reaching in to pull out kittens.  She moved them the next day. I would call her my barn cat, but we don't have a barn yet!


  1. That is really awesome that you had a running partner on your CC Team in school. From what I remember, I was the only runner on the team that ran CC because the liked to run. Everyone else was using it for conditioning for another sport.
    I seemed to have missed the blogger issues since I was checking my feeds on my phone. Hhhmmm

  2. Congrats on signing up for your 10k! I'm doing my first 5k in a couple of weeks and am super excited!! I love the idea that it's a PR no matter what!!!

  3. Congrats on signing for a 10k!
    I did a sugar-free week maybe 3 weeks ago, and it was tough but I felt really good that week!

  4. Have a great time at that 10K. That's actually my favorite racing distance-not as all-out as a 5K but still a pretty brisk pace.

  5. Thanks for finding my blog! Looks like you are in some beautiful country there.

    I can't wait to do another 10K too- been too long. June 18th is coming soon :)
    Best wishes in the sugar-free 10 days!!


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