Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, and catching up

I mostly try to eat pretty healthy, but this is one thing I haven't budged on for a couple of years now.  MMM One or two cups first thing in the morning and I am good to go. The whipped cream gives it just the right amount of sweetness.

 I made Cola stay home from running with me for a couple of days, since he got kicked by a horse and had a limp.  He seems all healed up and Sunday did a 10 mile run with me and today a 7 mile run.  I was doing half mile intervals up and down this stretch of road.  He seems to think I am indecisive about where I am going when I keep turning around and running back the way we just came every half mile.
 Some days I love speedwork and other days not at all.  Today was a not at all, I was going to do 8 intervals but I gave in and only did 6.  I did have a nice long cool down though :)  The picture below shows the one stretch of pavement I do have to run on.  I have about 1 1/2 miles of it.  I do most of my intervals here because it is pretty flat.
 It rained here the last two days, so there is water everywhere.  The roads weren't as muddy as I thought they were going to be though, thankfully!  And finally a sort of blurry race pic from the race Saturday.  The gal behind me is smiling...WHAT?  I am barely holding my cookies and really trying to give it the onion and she looks like she is having fun!  Sadly, even though I beat her to the finish line, due to chip timing she really beat me by 3 seconds.  I guess I should have been smiling more! I worked Monday and Tuesday this week so I am off for the next two.  I didn't run since it was a downpour outside but Tuesday I did do the Hot Body Workout.  Trying to decide which one I will do today.  Maybe I will go back to one of my favorites!
My splits for the intervals.  You can see at 14 where I was supposed to speed up again...I didn't.  I started my cool down instead. I was feeling pretty spent and I kept getting a side ache.  I figured 6 was pretty good anyway and left it at that! and I know it says 6.72 for total distance, but before I programmed in my interval program I had already run .29 miles :)


What about you?  What are your feelings on it or hate it?
What is your favorite  type of speed work?


  1. I'm super new to speedwork so I don't know that I have a favorite workout yet. I kinda like tempo runs because it's mental proof that I can run faster on race day.

  2. I'm new to speedwork, too. But so far my experience has been love/hate depending on the day. Some times I love feeling fast, and others I'd much rather just run and not try and push myself a ton.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! As for speed work...I don't like it so I don't really do it. I do local short distance races (5K's and 10K's) for "lazy girl speed work," and lots of hilly trails for speed work in disguise. I have done it in the past but have kind of been running for enjoyment for most of the past year.

  4. Speed works great and all but you really gotta give it 110% and well just thinking about it wears me out. lol Besides you can't get a "runners high" doing speed work. lol But I am trying to incorporate speed intervals in my training at least once a week.

  5. that is my goal, to do these type of intervals once a week from now on!! so, is it easy to program these intervals?? i want to copy you! lol. i just have mine set to auto-lap every 1mi, so i'm not sure how to change that...

  6. Thanks for the comment - I'm a follower of yours =).
    I actually love speedwork even though it feels terrible at the time.

  7. Thank you for taking time to check out my little blog! I love finding runners that are nurses or vice versa!
    You are so speedy!! Have you been running a long time? I hate speed work- I wish I could like it more! Haha!

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am not great at speed work. I am just trying now to incorporate some tempo runs to my weekly training. I guess I just want to run my pace and do my thing. You are speedy! great job with it.

  9. I love speedwork- but not able to do it right now. I just got my Garmin too, and have NO IDEA how to program the I guess I have some work to do.

  10. I am currently obsessed with that Cinnamon coffee!

  11. I can't give up my coffee with creamer either, it' one of the reasons I probably wouldn't go sugar free.

    Nice job on the 800's, you did twice as many as me, I'll use you as inspiration :D

    Love going back to my favorite BodyRock workouts!


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