Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Three plus Two

1.  Did my initial test for the 100 push up challenge.  Score is 25. So it suggested I start in week three of the program.  I am going to start on Sunday.  It recommends resting a few days after the initial test before you dive in to it. So I will be keeping you updated on how I do.

2. Initial test for 25 pull ups challenge score is 5.  I will be starting this one at the JV level.  Surprised even myself here.  I used to be able to do ten, long ago, once upon a time before kids and marriage, when I was a gym rat. I haven't belonged to a gym in almost 6 years now.

3. Yesterday I did a 7.2 mile run and am finally starting to feel like I have got my legs back again.  YAY  Kind of makes me want to do a 5k in town this weekend, but I will hold off.  I have one on Memorial Day, so I can hold out for one more week.  This one will be a trail run.  I am excited for that as I haven't done any trail runs.  I am going to guess it won't be one to PR on.

4. Lost my dog yesterday, he got too busy chasing a rabbit to see where I was going.  I ran back to where I had last seen him and called and called for him.  I was a little worried since my Dad lost a dog to a mountain lion a couple years ago and I know we have them in the area.  Finally gave up finished my run and went back to my Aunt's house to get the kidlets.  Hooray there was my lil pooch Cola, playing with the kids.  So all was well that ends well.

5. I can't find my camera anywhere, which probably mean my Lil Bitty girl ran off with it and was taking pictures and can't remember where she left is.


  1. Super glad that your dog was okay!

  2. Yay glad you found your dog!

    And guess what? You won my giveaway, stop by my page when you have the chance!

    Are pull ups the same as chin-ups? I can't even do one of those.

  3. Awww...glad your pooch made his way home. Love his name! I wish I could do 1 pull up! Well, I can do 1 but that's it!

  4. 5 pull ups? You are my hero because I am pretty sure I couldn't do 1. I need to get on that and get my weaksauce arms into shape.

    I am so glad your dog made his way home. What a smart cookie!

  5. Ooh good luck on the trail 5k, running on trails makes me nervous because I'm such a klutz. But I'm sure you'll do great!

  6. Glad you're getting your legs back!!! Amazing job in the challenges! I can't wait to hear how it goes! And I'm sooo glad your pup came back!!!

  7. Firstly I also need to get back into Push-ups and pull-ups but...

    Now I 'live' on the trail and there is no better place to run. Remember you don't have to line up every time and hope to PR.

  8. 25 push ups? you are my hero. First time I did the 100 push up challenge I barely squeaked out 2!

    Glad you found your pup! I love it that you named your pup Cola. Ours is Wyatt. Of course after Wyatt Earp.

    So glad you found my blog so I could find yours!


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