Sunday, May 29, 2011

Breakthrough Run

 Okay so the first part of this really isn't about running, but it is about my life.  We finally caught a break in the weather and despite it being really windy, we were able to work cows yesterday.  Later this weekend they are calling for heavy rains again which doesn't sound good for my trail run on Monday, but I am doing the run unless they cancel it.  It is only 3.1 miles. 

The weather was nice enough yesterday to allow my Dad to finish branding the calves.  I got a pretty good workout in doing squat after to squat to bend down and notch ears. I am sure the two little cowboys above are imagining when they will be big enough to be really helpful too! They are so funny to watch when they play like they are chasing cows.  Below is the cowkid daycare :)
My husband on one of the horses he broke.  Note how green everything is! I love this time of year for all the green.  It only really seems to stay green here for about three months out of the year then it dries up and everything turns brown and yellow again.  Green makes me so happy!
My lil cowboy helping  and my Dad.  Two of my favorite people :)
The rains washed out the lower part of our road so they sent in some genius's to "fix" it and now it is closed.  Apparently they completely ruined the road.  Nice.  Luckily I almost never drive the other way.
I also fit in a 13.1 mile run after working cows all morning.  I felt FABULOUS!  I hit a rough patch right around 6-7 miles, but then I remembered my GU chomps and after they kicked in I felt like the Energizer bunny.  I felt like I could have kept going and going.  I put in the extra .1 miles so I could unofficially run my first half marathon for the year.  I had to keep reminding myself to go easy since this is just a training run, but I felt so great I really wanted to kick it in.  Felt a lot like a breakthrough workout.  Half marathon in July here I come! :)


  1. Aww...I loved looking at your pictures! Looks beautiful where you live!
    Great job on your 13.1- so fast! You will do great in your race in July!

  2. I like your pics- it's fun to see where/how other people live. So different from my Dallas suburb life... although I had a heifer in FFA in high school. ;)

    Congrats on your 13.1! I'm sure that felt good.

  3. Wow that is sooo amazing!!! Congrats on your run!

  4. Thanks for the pics... branding brings happy childhood memories of summers on cousins' farms flooding back.

    Hope your run was a drier one!

  5. I love that you just ran a half, for the heck of it. Great photos... makes me miss Montana... the last best place on earth.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I grew up on a ranch and this reminded me of that so much. Congrats on the half marathon run--and just for training. Wowsa!

  7. Awesome job on the run! I cannot wait to see how you do in your half this summer. You are such a great runner.

    I love all of the pictures. My sister lives on a farm and I got to watch branding for the first time this year. It is tough work!

  8. I love learning about your family as much as I do your running!! Great job on your Run!!!

  9. Looks like an awesome weekend! The green fields are gorgeous! :0) Way to go on your 1st half marathon distance of the year!!

  10. I love that extra energy boost of the chomps yum!

  11. What a great run! Chomps are my fav too for an extra kick.

    I love the photos of the farm. It looks so pretty where you are.

  12. I love the pics! 'Cowkid daycare'=hilarious! and way to work with the cows AND then go on a super run! I may need to borrow some of your energy.


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