Sunday, July 24, 2011

A plea for some Twitter help

I have officially spent more of the day laying around feeling like a pile of crap.  I ran 2.37 miles this morning and knew it just wasn't going to happen.  I came home and went back to bed for four more hours, got up for two and was back down for two.  What a wasted day.  I hate not feeling in top form.  Bleh.

On a side note.  I joined Twitter and I can't help but feeling like...Now what?   Can anyone tell me how to get a link on my blog to twitter to if people want to follow me they can? How is Twitter helpful?  How do you use twitter?  Anyone? 



  1. yayyy I'm so glad you joined! Here, try this to see if it will help you add the follow button on your page:

    I just joined too but it helped me get a few new followers and I always put my new posts on there. It's a great way to discuss things about your training without having to do an entire post. Hashtags are helpful and will help people find you. ie like hashtagging #halfmarathon if you were talking about running a half marathon or training for one. That way, if other people are looking for stuff regarding half marathons they would find you and may even ask qs or vice versa and could answer a q you had.

  2. I'm newish to twitter also. I live reading how training is going, how people are dealing with heat and other randomness! I like #runchat and #fitblog. I'll have to check out # halfmarathon

  3. Huh. I've been feeling the pressure to get on Twitter. I just don't "get" it!

  4. You've got the twitter button...
    I use it to "feed" my posts, it lets people know you have a new post if they don't use google reader. Also people who follow you on twitter, but don't follow your blog are alerted. You can do it through or you can set up your feedburner feed to work the same way.
    I have to say I don't use it a ton other than that, there just isn't enough time in the day. :)

  5. hah I don't get twitter either :).
    feel better girl!

  6. I don't get twitter either :).

    feel better!

  7. I don't know how to operate twitter...
    Maybe one day I'll venture into that world, but not likely.

    I have days like that...when I'm off of work and no one else is. And then I just feel like poo.

  8. I like this link:

    I also read somewhere that you get the most out of Twitter when you interact with other people, which means @ responding and joining some of the # chats. There are a bunch of running and fitness specific chats worth joining!

  9. I've never tweeted, nor do I think I will. Right now I have a website, facebook, blog, and numerous emails. That's way to much to keep up with as it is, let alone adding one more thing.

    But a lot of people do good luck!!

    oh, and sorry you're feeling bad. i was sick on Monday and it was all around poopiness.

  10. I was nervous about using Twitter, too, but I really love it! I've found so many other bloggers via Twitter, so it's helped in building relationships that way. Also, you can link up your blog to your Twitter account so that your posts' links are auto published to your Twitter feed - another way to get your content out there. Lastly, I like following companies and products on Twitter; it's a neat way to hear about deals and free stuff (sometimes!) Good luck!


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