Monday, July 25, 2011

Parachute Training to get faster?

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I am feeling better today, unfortunalty I have to go to work today, so I probably won't run today, also the kids have swim lessons tonight. 

I was surfing the web and found this article on running faster.  It had some things in it I had not heard before so I thought I would share some highlights from it and of course my own input :)

Hill Running

To build speed, run up and down hills. By running up hills, you will build the strength and power needed to be explosive in your running and it will allow you to draw on your reserves when you need to hit your fastest gear. Running down the hill will help you work on your technique and your balance. 

I have a great hill for running up and down close to my house.  I often sprint to the bottom and then work my way back up it in intervals.  Makes for tired legs!

Box Jumping

Place a 15-inch box on the  floor. Stand to the left of the box and jump over it so you are on the right side. Jump back over it so you are in the same position you were at the start. Do this 10 times, take a 30-second break and repeat the drill. This exercise will build up the explosive muscles in your calves.

I  have found that doing high knees while jumping rope can also give me big calf muscles, but I think I will give this a try too and hopefully not end up crashing to the floor.  I would think anything would work to jump over if you don't just have a 15 inch box sitting around the house.

Interval Sprinting

Running interval sprints will help you build your sprinting technique, your speed and your endurance. Go to the local track and sprint 100 yards. Follow that with sprints of 80, 60 and 50 yards. Run each sprint as fast as you can without taking any break between the races. Take a two-minute break and repeat your sprints.

I can't think of the last time I did intervals of less than 200 meters.  I think this could be fun and helpful for the shorter distances.  I do love 5ks!  I think I will try this later this week.

Parachute Training

Resistance running by attaching a parachute to your back as you run will help you build explosive strength in your glutes, hamstrings and calves. This will help you sprint faster. Line up to run a 100-yard dash with a running chute attached to your back. You wear it the same way you wear a back pack. As the chute unfurls while you are running, you will feel a significant pulling. Do not turn around to look at it and do not slow down. Sprint the full distance. After the race, turn around and prepare to run another 100 yards. When you reach the 50-yard mark, hit the release button on your harness. This will cause the chute to drop off and you will get a surge of speed.

Just curious if anyone has ever done parachute training?  Sounds like something more for a track and field type athlete, not to mention where would you get a parachute anyway?  I think if I started running around like that people would start to wonder about me!  Could be fun though.  I bet I won't try it anytime soon.

Have a great Monday everyone.  Tell me your favorite ways to get faster, hill train, sprint workout etc. 


  1. sounds a little like tire training, where you literally tie a tire to your waist and run. never tried it, never intend too. im lucky to just get out and run period LOL!

  2. I can't imagine where on earth I would run with a parachute tied to me. Not on a road certainly althought it would make me laugh if I saw that.

    I followed you on twitter. You can follow back here.!/DinasRuns

  3. I'm tired just reading this! Nice job!! Also, I just followed you on twitter!

  4. Ha? I can just see my neighbor's faces if I showed up out there with a freaking parachute! Hilarious!
    Great tips though!
    Going to check out the twitter right now.

  5. Hey! I just read that you won some Gotein on Bobbi's blog. Congrats! ;)

  6. I'm giggling over the parachute visual in my head...

    I usually stick to sprint intervals. I wish I had more hills near me to run regularly.

  7. (and btw, check my blog - you are a winner today!)

  8. Hmm parachute, that is what I must do..

  9. I've seen a guy nearby who uses the parachute. He looks like a bad-ass sprinter!

  10. parachute training sounds hardcore! I love the way hills make me feel after...yeah it may be tough during but there is no better feeling than how strong I feel after conquering some hills!

  11. I remember doing the parachute thing in hs - not fun. I know I definitely will not be doing that anytime soon! But the hill training - I think I will add that into my workouts!

  12. You are a MACHINE, lady! Personally, everywhere we go here is hill training. I know I'm stronger because of it...but I still hate it. lol

  13. I think I do parachute training every time I run with the jogging stroller on a windy day :)

  14. Great tips! Thanks for sharing these. I'm totally with you on the parachute training - won't be trying that anytime soon. I already get enough weird looks. lol.


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