Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I am loving Thursday!

This was supposed to be posted last night, but I got busy and never finished the post. :)
 I love this beautiful sunset I saw earlier this week.  We have the best sunsets and sunrises at my house. 
And a little later it looked  just as beautiful.
 My Dad lit the sparklers for the kids on the 4th with a blowtorch like any farmer/rancher would do.

The kids had a great time with the sparklers

 and all the food.
and roasting marshmellows  for smores with cousins.  My Mom is getting a new kitchen, do you see her old cupboards back there?  My little cowboy refuses to go anywhere these days in anything less than full cowboy gear.  At least I have him talked out of wearing his chaps in this weather.  I had him in shorts and a tank for a party on Saturday, you would have thought I was torturing him.  He kept telling me he felt weird.  So fine he can wear what he wants, I just thought he would be cooler in shorts!
No run on Wednesday, just work and a quick BodyRock workout when I got home.  Work again today and tomorrow.  Hopefully I will sneak in a run somewhere in the next two days.  I am now obsesseively checking the weather forecast for next weekend. Right now they are saying high of 82 and a low of 56.  Way better than last year.  Of course that could all change by then. 

  Does anyone else do that when you have a race coming up?

Some not so good news, Exxon  lost 10,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River  over the 4th of July weekend while the river was flooding, so not only is the river contaminated, valuable cropland, and many people houses are flooded with the oil.  Thanks again Exxon for another spill.  Seems weird to have a global response team in Billings MT.  Luckily I do not live near the river.

And finally if you haven't already you still have a chance to win some Gotein HERE and a Handful Sports Bra HERE!  Because winning if fun!

Tell me what is the best thing or your favorite thing that you have won?

Me..hmm besides winning my age group, my favorite thing lately (I wish I could say here winning a spot on team NUUN, but I am still an alternate, I feel like the pretty girl's best friend.  Don't feel bad for me, I am just whining a little :) Okay favorite thing I won is movie tickets at work and I took my son to Kung Fu Panda in 3d.  I had such an awesome time with him.!


  1. YAY for winning age group!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!

  2. Oh man, I am the worst obsessive weather checker before a race. It's like a hobby. It can really change how the race will go, so that's my excuse!

    Your kids are adorable :)

  3. Your cowboy is awesome. Good luck with your race... you'll be great, for sure!

    Did you ever get a package from nuun? I thought their email said we alternates would be getting some schwag? Sniff, sniff... I sure haven't seen anything!

  4. Congrats to you for winning. I'm hoping to place in my age group tonight....ugh so nervous though! I totally check weather! Good luck to you!

    Your kids are so adorable!!!

  5. I'm pretty sure the favorite thing I've won is your giveaway last week! I can't wait!!

    That is amazing lighting fireworks with a blowtorch. Nothing like taking things to the next level.

  6. Love that your dad lit the sparklers with a blow torch!

    Best thing I won lately? A pair of Saucony's in a blogger giveaway!

  7. I have the worst luck and have not won a single thing! I hope someday I will win something!

  8. Beautiful sunset! You always have the most spectacular pics! It looks like you live in an amazing area!

  9. Love that picture at the top. And all of the pictures for that matter.

    I won $100 from a radio station once and that was pretty freaking awesome. Where exactly do you live Christy? My Napa Valley Ragnar team is looking for a female runner. e-mail me if you are interested and I will get you all the details. Ragnars are an absolute blast.

  10. Your little cowboy is so cute. He reminds me of my boys when there were that age. They never went any where with out thier cowboy hats. I won some running fuel stuff from a blogger. It was an awesome package. Good Luck on your race this weekend. Hope the weather is good. I watch the weather when I have a race coming up.

  11. Cute little cowboy outfit!

    And thanks for sharing the sunset photo, it's gorgeous.

  12. I think your cowboy has good sense. Most cowboys would probably feel weird in tanks and shorts. :^)

    My favorite thing I've won was a full running outfit from Asics on the anothermotherrunner blog. It was amazing: capris, shirt, hat and shoes. All I had to provide were socks and a bra. I'm not usually so lucky.

  13. LOVE 4th of July traditions with family. I am a big time weather checker when I have a race coming up. It's all part of the preparation, right? :)

  14. Best thing I have won..An Ipod touch on the Ellen show!!!

  15. I took A to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (in 2D) and we really enjoyed it!

  16. What a fun 4th...your kids are so cute! Bummer about the oil spill. :( I totally check the weather now after my unexpected HOT Newport marathon 4 weeks ago. I'm not sure the best thing that I've won...I'd have to think on this a bit more. I did win a Nathan Hydration pack and that was cool!

  17. What cute pictures. I think I would love to win anything in my age group! I really haven't ever won any blog giveaways...Not much of a prize winner!! lol

  18. That's an awesome sunset - love it!

  19. I am a neurotic weather-checker when a race is coming up. I'm crazy about the weather all the time though. I kind of plan my week and workouts based on the weather. It's a bit obsessive!

    I never win anything so when you contacted me about the Twistbands I nearly died. Best day ever. I didn't receive them yet probably because there was a Canada Post strike that just ended last week but I am SO excited!!


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